By:Calvin Borremans

Descriptions of Career

  • Licensed person over the age of 18 (some states 21) or older.
  • operates and over sees firework displays to make sure it's safe and ready to start.
  • uses a vast knowledge of different types of fireworks.

Education needed

  • you must go through basic training, involving in class and field courses.

What branch of science does this fall under

This Career falls under the physical branch of science seeing how it doesn't involve space, and has no connection with living things such as plants and animals.

Somthing intresting about this career

The one thing that surprised me would be that you don't need an actual degree, but instead you only to take classes.

Experience and Skills Needed

First you start out as an apprentice then under his supervision you attend firework shows. After getting more firework show under your belt and with the supervisors consent you are able to be a licensed pyrotechnic.

Why I Chose This Career

I wanted this career for two reasons one it just help make a huge display to amaze hundreds. And two who doesn't love explosions.