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May 23, 2016

Dr. Rhodes' Weekly Message

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We are nearing the finish line. We are all tired and it is at this time of year that it is easy to stop holding students accountable, ease up on classroom management, give busy work, etc. Instead, it is so important to continue your regular classroom routines, keep teaching and have fun with your students, but also continue to teach CHAMPS expectations. If you are not in the classroom, I know you are exhausted too! Keep offering friendly and courteous customer service to all that you interact with...we can all keep going...the finish line is near, but push through till June 2nd!!

Calendar Updates

*The team leader meeting this Tuesday is for current and incoming team leaders for next school year. We will begin at 4pm in the science lab.

*Our Chess Club is holding a Tournament on 5/24 in the gym at 6pm.

*Since we have Friday off- jeans on Thursday with an FE shirt.

*All Professional Staff Members to complete Bright Byte Survey before 5/26

*3rd-5th Grade Teachers to have students complete the Bright Byte Survey before 5/26. Link and QR code given to Team Leaders.

*Yearbook Signing Night will be held June 1st from 5-6pm in the cafeteria/gym. This event replaces previous years' Celebration of Learning. K-1 Teachers will also hand out art portfolios, student work, etc. when students visit your "signing table."

Please see Outlook calendar for further details on events.

To Do...

Class Creation Meetings continue this week. Please follow the schedule outlined in the paper calendar. Please come prepared with your pink and blue cards as well as completed sticky notes. Separation requests should also be completed and brought with you. All information discussed in Class Creation meetings is confidential.

The End of Year packet was emailed out two weeks ago. As part of your check out, please ensure that your AWARE forms are archived for the year for all students with RtI Forms. See picture below--it shows the archive button you must click for each student under the "Forms" tab.

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Upcoming Events and Reminders

The 2016-2017 Planning Calendars are now hung outside my office. Please do not add anything to the calendars at this point. We must add all state/district assessment windows, district holidays, etc. before other items can be listed. I will email when the calendar is open to various stakeholders. 2016-2017 Team Leaders should begin gathering dates for events each grade level/department wishes to add to the calendar. Remember, we will continue our grade level events that each team chose last year that are specific to your grade levels. These should be added to the calendar as well. All added items should be written in pencil and initialed by the person adding the item.

2016-2017 district curricular revisions will be completed and posted to Forethought by the following dates: Fall 2016- Thursday, June 9th; Spring 2017- October 14th.

Shout Outs

Shout Outs sent from Fielder Staff Members:

Mr. Phillip is such a great man. He never complains, just rolls up his sleeves and gets to work.

Mauri went above and beyond to get iPad covers even when the wrong ones were sent twice by the company.

I had a bad day and Nicole was so kind to call and check on me the next morning.

My team took my class twice last week when I needed them one complained...THANK YOU!!

Teachers and assistants both helped cover various classes this last week when LPACS and ARDs ran over the specified times. Thanks to everyone for working as a team.

If you have shout outs for a staff member/group, or in general, email them to me before Sunday and I will include them in our newsletter.

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