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Learning Quarter 4/April 3, 2023

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Dr. Reach's Principal Connections

April Greetings, Eagle Families!

Hello/Hello. We hope our April newsletter finds you feeling healthy and enjoying our beautiful spring days! We are looking forward to our long weekend this coming week and wish your family a very special holiday on Friday and Monday: April 7th and 10th. We will resume our regular school schedule on Tuesday, April 11th. As always, please be safe wherever your may be traveling each day and throughout this busy weekend.

As you know, please continue to work with your student/or students at home each school day by asking questions about the learning day, reviewing homework folders, and as always - reading together for at least 20 minutes.

And finally, we hope the listing of April events as included below will be helpful in planning forward with your families. As always, please reach out if you should need additional information. WE appreciate you!

Gotta say it: Woodland ROCKS!

With my very best,

Dr. Karen Reach

Woodland ES Principal



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Home Address and Phone Number Changes

Please remember to contact our main office if your home address or phone number/or numbers should change. It is very important that we have the correct contact information for your student or students - particularly if an emergency should arise. Thank you so much for connecting with us!

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A Special Safety Note from Our School Counselor: Mrs. Jacobs

We are doing our safety unit in guidance class during the next few weeks for all students. "Safe at Last" is a personal safety curriculum that empowers students in kindergarten through fifth grade by providing critical skills and tools to stay safe and avoid unsafe or unhealthy situations. The program includes age-appropriate learning techniques such as role-playing, music, a puppet, games, stories, and videos. A nurse will also be teaching vaping prevention to our fifth grade classes. If you would like to view any materials, I will have materials available in my room from 7:45 – 8:15 on Thursday, April 6 and Tuesday, April 11th.

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YouTube, Tik-Tok, and Video Game Monitoring

Please remember to monitor your students' social media and internet usage very carefully at home. We are now experiencing several concerning instances in which students have shared with us that they are engaging in viewings of inappropriate postings on weeknights and weekends. Many of these social media platforms have age limits of 13+ due to inappropriate content that is now accessible.

Also/very importantly:

Please limit your student or students' access to video games that contain violence and please be attentive to the video game ratings and age suggestions. Viewing these violent episodes can sometimes lead to inappropriate or concerning behaviors.

And with that shared:

Our students are also receiving Digital Citizenship Lessons throughout the school year through Mr. Simerly' s Library/Media connections. This provides an additional layer of technology safety and support for our K-5 students.

If you should need assistance or additional resources, we have a wonderful Woodland Technology Team who may also provide technology guidance and answer questions.

Please reference our Woodland TECH Support Teaming below...

  • Woodland Media Specialist: Mr. Chris Simerly
  • Our Woodland Technology Assistant: Mr. Robert Meade
  • Our Woodland Technology Chairperson: Mrs. Jordan Dison

Our Woodland Technology Support Team:

  • Mrs. Hannah Arnold
  • Mrs. Hannah Barnett
  • Mrs. Carter Brown
  • Miss Ashley Carlson
  • Mrs. Ashley Davis
  • Mrs. Taylor Montgomery
  • Mrs. Penny Reece
  • Ms. Christina Vines
  • Mrs. Lucy Whelan
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Our School Day

Morning Arrival =
  • 7:45 - 8:14 AM

Our Morning Bell Rings/and School Begins =

  • 8:15 AM

Our Dismissal Bell =

  • 3:15 PM

An Attendance Summary:

  • When your student is sick, running a temperature, or if there is a family emergency, please call our office prior to 9 AM: 423.434.5267.

  • After five Parent/Guardian Call-in Days: a Doctor's Note is required in order for an absence to be excused (per TN Attendance Law).

  • A student is considered Chronically Absent if he/she has missed more that 10% of our school year.

  • Please ensure that your student arrives on time each and every school day. Every school minute is important! We are unable to provide high quality instruction for your student if he/she is absent.

  • Please reach out anytime with questions or needed clarifications. TY so much for helping your student to maintain excellent attendance!

Dr. Karen Reach


Mrs. Jennifer Silvers/Our Family-School and Attendance Coordinator


Mrs. Sabrina Lyons/Our School Attendance Liaison


Additional Attendance Detailing...

As you know, excellent student attendance is so very important within the learning process. We are working hard at Woodland to ensure that our daily attendance reports are excellent for every student. With that shared, we understand there will be days of sickness or family emergencies within every school year. However, please remember that your student should be present for learning each school day unless he/she has a temperature, illness, or family emergency. And please be certain to call our main office as soon as possible whenever your student is absent. Each missed school day must be coded correctly within our PowerSchool Attendance System - a state required process for all of Tennessee Public Schools.

Remember that after 5 missed Sick Days per individual student, Tennessee Attendance Law requires a doctor’s note for every student absence. Beyond that requirement, please remember that Woodland’s attendance numbers will also be utilized to calculate our yearly qualification as a Tennessee Reward School. If our academic results are strong, yet our attendance numbers yield less than 90% for our current school year, we will be unable to qualify as a distinguished school as affirmed through The Tennessee Department of Education.

Please assist us by being committed to our students’ excellent attendance each and every school day. As always, please reach out to your student’s teacher or teachers ~ or to me anytime as questions or concerns arise. We are here to help you ~ and your student or students every step of the way.

Our Woodland Leadership Links

WE are so very proud of our students as together we are learning and growing through these important habits = our Woodland Leadership Links. Be proactive and put first things first by asking your student/or students about all that they are learning in regard to our Leadership Links and how these linkages are important at school and at home.

Leadership Link #5

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Today's Readers = Tomorrow's Leaders!

We all know the importance of reading and its connection to everything we do: math problem-solving, science and social studies content reading, map/chart/graph reading, etc. So --- please be sure to ask your student about his/her selected reading selections & homework assignments each school day.

When connecting to your student's reading selections, you might say: "Tell me about the book you are reading. Who is the main character/or characters? Are you enjoying the story? What do you think will happen next?, etc." Those daily conversations are so powerful as our students continue to grow their reading comprehension and fluency. Our students should be reading at home for 20 minutes each school day.

Please reach out to your student's teacher if you are uncertain about which books your student should be reading at home.

Thank you for helping your student/or students to grow as an excellent readers = an important life skill for all of us! Gotta say it: Let's Read/Let's Soar!

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Our Math Facts for April...

Please review these important facts at home each week. Be sure to make math FUN as you are traveling in your cars, eating dinner, cleaning house, etc. :)

Remember that our X facts are set for students in Grades 3 - 5/or any grade level student who wishes to memorize those at an earlier point.

Our addition facts are specific to all students in Grades K - 2.

April 3 - 6

  • 8 + 4 = 12
  • 4 x 8 = 32

April 10 - 14

  • 8 + 5 = 13
  • 4 x 9 = 36

April 17 - 21

  • 8 + 6 = 14
  • 6 x 7 = 42

April 24 - 28

  • 8 + 7 = 15
  • 6 x 8 = 48
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Our TCAP Testing Dates

April 18 - 20

April 25 - 27

TCAP Testing: Grades 3, 4, & 5

As you know, TCAP testing is a Tennessee required component for our elementary students in third, fourth, and fifth grades. Your students are hard at work with content review and testing strategizing as we prepare for this important process.

Very importantly:

Please do not schedule appointments which require a late arrival or early dismissal on these specific testing dates.

As you know:

Excellent student attendance is always an essential for our students' academic success. Being present for testing review days is also super important.

Please reach out to your student's teacher if you should have questions or concerns. We are here to support and encourage our students every step of the way.

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Everyone is invited!

April 14th

5 - 8 PM

A very special TY to our Woodland PTA Spring Carnival Team for organizing this special Woodland event!

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Our Special April Dates


  • Online PK Registration opens - instead of through In-Person appointments.
  • Kindergarten Registration will open on May 1st (also an online process).


  • Please return our 2023/24 Intent Forms to Miss Kirstie in the main office.
  • Also/Please return all Summer School Forms to Miss Kirstie.


  • Homework Club will not be meeting on this date.


  • April Holiday
  • School closed for students, teachers, and educational assistants.


  • Snowflake Day
  • School closed for students, teachers, and educational assistants.


  • School Carnival School Spirit Day: CRAZY Sock Day

  • Girls Who Code Field Trip with Mrs. Reece - after school.

  • Rejoice in the Arts Celebration at the JC Mall/our GR 5 students will be performing with Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Burgess will create our Woodland art display. (5 - 8 PM)


  • School Carnival School Spirit Day: SPORTS Day
  • GR 1 Field Trip


  • School Carnival School Spirit Day: CRAZY Hair and Hat Day
  • JCS Foundation Spellabration at Liberty Bell MS/An evening event (6:30 PM)
  • A special TY to Mary Archer, Melissa Gavin, Kristi Presley, and Christina Vines for representing WL = Our WL Word Wonders! :)


  • School Carnival School Spirit Day: School Colors Day
  • Everyone is invited to wear JEANS with a FAV Woodland Shirt or Green/Gold.

  • Our PTA Spring Carnival 5 - 8 PM/Everyone is invited!


  • TCAP Preparation Day for Grades 3, 4, & 5.


  • TCAP Testing begins for our Grade 3, 4, & 5 students.

  • TCAP: ELA Subpart 1

  • Cheerleader Orientation Meeting for families of girls ages 6-11 (a Parks and Recreation Team Meeting) @ 6 PM in our Forum - for those who wish to attend.


  • TCAP: ELA Subparts 2 and 3
  • Q4 Midterm Grading Reports


  • TCAP: ELA Subpart 4
  • Parent Advisory Council Meeting with Dr. Reach/6 PM. Location: in our forum.


  • TCAP Make-up Testing


  • TCAP Prep/Review Day: Grades 3, 4, & 5


  • TCAP: Math Subpart 1
  • Diversity Team Meeting with Dr. Reach @ 3:35 PM - in our Forum


  • TCAP: Math Subparts 2 and 3


  • TCAP/GR 3 and 4: Science Subpart 1
  • TCAP/GR 5: Science Subparts 1 and 2


  • TCAP: Make-up Testing
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From our JC Parks and Recreation Team

An Orientation Session =

A Cheerleader Meeting for interested families of girls ages 6-11:

  • A Parks and Recreation Team Meeting
  • April 18th
  • 6 PM in our Woodland Forum
  • Please enter through our main, front doors.
  • You may park in our front, circle drive. TY!

Youth Football League Information

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From Coach Stacy Carter/Our Science Hill Head Football Coach

•Coach’s Clinic- June 19th. Time TBA

•Players Camp- June 20th. Time TBA

•Equipment Issue- TBA

•1st week of practice- July 17,18, & 19 (helmets only) 6:00pm-8:00pm

•2nd week of practice- July 24,25, & 27 (shoulder pads & helmets) 6:00pm-8:00pm

•3rd week- regular practice (full pads) July 31, Aug 1 & Aug 3


•Practice will continue 3 days a week (6:00pm-8:00 pm) for the rest of the season

•July 28th- all teams are invited to watch the Science Hill Scrimmage with Morristown West @ Kermit Tipton (start time is 6:00pm)

•August 4th- all teams are invited to watch the Science Hill Scrimmage with Greeneville @ Kermit Tipton (start time is 6:00pm)

•Science Hill vs. Elizabethton- August 18 @ Kermit Tipton Stadium (all players get in free with their jersey)

•First Youth League Games-August 19- Schedule TBA

•Fall Break- all teams will play the first Saturday, Oct 7th. Teams will be off the next week. No games will be played on Oct 14th.

•Sports Physical- all players must have a current physical before they start practice. Physicals will be turned into their Coach. We are currently setting up a date for sports physicals with ETSU Health.

•We are currently working with ETSU Health to provide athletic trainer coverage at our games

•Equipment needed for the season- cleats, mouth guard, & practice pants. •New helmets, shoulder pads, game jerseys, & game pants will all be provided.

•Ages will be change to three age divisions. 11-10 year old teams / 9-8 year old teams/ 7-6 year old teams (5 year olds can play up) ***The cut-off date will be August 1st. All 7th graders will need to play JV middle school football.

•Registration will end on June 15th. Please register ASAP. This will help us get the schedule out sooner.

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Please continue to send your Can Tabs to Woodland!

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Our Johnson City Ronald McDonald House Service Project

The student council has elected to continue our schoolwide collection of aluminum can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House this school year, which helps families of sick children. Please send in your can tabs as you collect them. Thank you, ALL!

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Our Woodland Staff Connections

Our Woodland office is open each school day: 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Dr. Karen Reach

Woodland Principal


Mrs. Leeanne Francis

Woodland Assistant Principal


Mrs. Kirstie Bolton

Woodland Administrative Assistant


Ms. Amanda Livingston

Woodland Administrative Assistant


Mrs. Jennifer Silvers

Woodland Family/School Coordinator


Mrs. Sabrina Lyons

Woodland Attendance Liasion


Ms. Mia Manire

Woodland Financial Coordinator and Bookkeeper


Mrs. Amanda Gallam

Woodland Cafe Manager


Ms. Mary Jacobs

Woodland School Counselor


Mrs. Laura Evans

Woodland Leadership Team Chair


Mrs. Emily Bishop Gibson

Woodland Educare Director


Ms. Amanda Livingston

Woodland Homework Club Director


Mrs. Chelsea Morse

Woodland PTA President


Please reach out anytime with questions or concerns.

WE are always here to support ALL students and families!

Our main office number =


Our Office Hours/Monday through Friday

7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

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