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Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 15:21:12 UTC 'An earthquake.'

Like most earthquakes I don't have a name, we are commonly known as the place we hit with our 'shock waves'. So, in that case my name would be Alaskan Peninsula, I was reviewed by an unknown seismologist. I had a low magnitude of 2.9 which is one of the lowest it can get, 1 being the lowest of course. ,Us earthquakes don't happen above ground but below ground that effects the stuff above ground like houses and such. The closest city to me was King Cove Alaska, it was about 50 miles away from me when I started with my shaking of the land. I never wanted to be 'evvill' but you can't help nature. Nobody felt me but I might have caused a few cracks in the ground, but some of my friends who cause more damage could ruin an ENTIRE city. Pretty amazing huh? But well, this is the end of my time and my story, Alaskan Peninsula Earthquake out. ankh