Salmon Farming

The Fishy Business . . .

What is Salmon Farming?

Salmon farming is a type of aquaculture where the fish are grown in net cages.Salmon are hatched in brood hatcheries and grown in freshwater until they are large enough to transfer to marine pens.

Is This Industry Expanding?

Since farmed salmon production has risen since 1990, the number of jobs has not changed (1,700 jobs), though the industry is expanding in agriculture.
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What Kind of Training is Required for Salmon Farming?

Many jobs on the farm in aquaculture require specialized skills in business, technology, science, communications, fish husbandry, in which most can be obtained from a combination of formal and on-the-job training.

How It's Farmed

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Profit of Salmon Farming In Canada

Canada profits about $925 million /annually.

What Kinds of Jobs are There in the Salmon Farming Industry?

  • office work as a manager or administrator
  • Scientists and technicians
  • veterinarians and fish health specialists
  • farm and hatchery workers
  • boat captains and deckhands
  • truck drivers
  • workers in manufacturing and processing facilities
  • marketers and transportation sector employees
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