A Perfect Season for Dreaming

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Un Tiempo Perfecto Para Soñar

Written by benjamin Alire Saenz
Illustrated by Esau Andrade Valencia

Genre: Picture Books

Saenz, B.A. (2008). "A Perfect Season for Dreaming." El Paso, TX: Publisher.

Information About the Book: A short synopsis

So, what exactly is the perfect season for dreaming?

For Octavia Rivera, it's summer, when the sky is so blue and a few lovely clouds come floating along to decorate it.

It turns out that Octavio Rivera is a beautiful dreamer. And on these first long days of summer, he is visited by some very interesting dreams. But Octavio doesn't tell anyone about his dreams. not after the first one, not after the second, not after the next or the next or the next.

Finally, though, he cant' stand it anymore and he wants to tell someone so bad that his heart hurts. He decides that the only on e he can trust with his dreams, the only one who won't make fun of him for being too old or eating too much chorizo, the only one who will understand is his young granddaughter Regina because she also has beautiful and fantastic dreams.

And that sets Octavio Rivera free to enjoy on last long and lovely dream.

About the Author


Benjamin Alire Saenz is a novelist, poet, essayist and writer of children's books. his young adult novel Sammy & Juliana in Hollywood was selected as one of the Top Ten Best Books for young Adults in 2005., and his prize-winning bilingual picture books for children- A Gift from Papa Diego and Grandma Fina and Her Wonderful Umbrellas-- have been best-selling titles. he has received the Wallace Stegner Fellowship, the Lannan Fellowship and an American Book Award. He teaches at the university of Texas at El Paso, and considers himself a fronterizo, a person of the border.


About the Illustrator


Born in Mexico, Esua Andrade Valencia comes from a family of folk artists. Although still young, he is increasingly recognized as a master artist in the tradition of the great painters such as Diego Rivera and Rufino Tamayo, in whose footsteps he follows. Esau's paintings are included in the collection of The Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach as well as in the Downey Museum of Art in California.


Criteria for High Quality Muliticultural Literature

Themes are consistent with the values, beliefs, customs, traditions, and conflicts of the specific cultural group. -

This book can be classified as a multicultural children's literature book because it teaches students new and diverse vocabulary words. The general theme is dreaming and recapturing your youth. This book also highlights Mexican cultural practices and Spanish phrases that can be used as practice for students in using context clues to gain insight into new terminology and vocabulary.

This book honors and celebrates diversity as well as common bonds in humanity.

This book was the winner of the Winter '08-'09 Kids' Indie Next List, Tejas Star Book Award, Paterson Prize, Best Book for Children (TIL), Bank Street's Best Children's Book of the Year '09, and Americas Book Award Honor Book.

This story describes Octavio Rivera's dream world from a ethnic Mexican's perspective, dreams are a universal concept that connects all people. The shared commonality of dreams recognizes the similarities in communicating ones thoughts and ideas. Because the reader can connect with this theme students are able to view new vocabulary words from within a new cultural context.

This book is Culturally Relevant and Authentic

1. Cultural Character: Octavio Rivera is a culturally authentic name. He is a grandfather looking to recapture his youth. Authentic gender roles. Positive and negative traits of each character.

2. Diverse Language: Uses Spanish words and concepts (pinata, Spanish guitar, mariachi). Language represents sensitivity to people.

3. Illustrations: Replicates natural appearance with vivid colors. Accurate cultural setting with animals, housing, clothing, etc. Characters are unique and different from one another. Images enhance imagery of the story.

Relevance to Teaching:

This book is a fun way to teach students about using context clues with new vocabulary all while learning about a different culture!

A Perfect Season for Dreaming Lesson Plan

Grade Level: 3rd

Standard 2: Literature: The student responds to a variety of text.

Benchmark 2: The student understands the significance of literature and its contributions to various cultures.

Indicator 2: The student identifies various languages, traditions, and cultures found in literature.

Literacy Instruction: This book can help teach vocabulary. Not only can students expand their English vocabulary, but this book also helps teach basic Spanish words.

Lesson Procedures:

  • Students will be told they are going to read a book about dreams. Carpet time! As an introduction students will be asked to share some of their own dreams.
  • The teacher will share with students that they will hear words that may not be familiar to them (Spanish words). When they hear one of these words they can raise their hand while the book is being read. When the student is called upon they will write on the board the new vocabulary word. After the book is read, the teacher can walk through the book with their students and have them use context clues to figure out what the new vocabulary words might mean. The teacher will then share with students the actual meaning of the Spanish word.
  • Students can use this technique (context clues) for other unknown words- not necessarily just Spanish. When they don’t know a words they can look for other words, pictures, or clues around the word to discover its meaning. The teacher must reinforce this technique when students ask about the meaning of an unknown word.
  • Upon completion of the story students will write a brief narrative of a dream that Octavio Rivera experienced during the summer season using two Spanish/English vocabulary words from the story. The students will additionally draw a depiction of their chosen dream. Then they will like Octavio share their dreams with their classmates at the end of the lesson in a presentation and use their Spanish/English vocabulary word in their presentation.

All about Hummingbirds

This is a great info-graph on information about hummingbirds.

What do you think 900 hummingbirds would look like?

Try out your own illustrations of what you think Octavio Rivera's fantastic dreams look like!

Following Your Dreams

If you are like Octavio Rivera or his granddaughter Regina,

Email me a description of your fantastic dreams so that you can share your great ideas and be understood too!

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