Whitley Chalsma

Things About Me


One thing that i enjoy is dancing. I dance every night of the week, whether it is dance team or taking dance classes at mistys. I take at least 20 hours of dance a week.


My favorite movie is Pitch Perfect.

My favorite song is "Better Dig Two".

My favorite food is alfredo fettachenii.


Goats, a pig, a mini horse, a cat, and a dog all are the animals I have. They are lots of fun to have. Sometimes it is not fun with all the responsibiliy that goes along with all my animals, but I'm glad to have them.


10) Do not look at the keys

9) Do not slouch

8) Do not put you feet any where but flat on the ground

7) Do not have the key board to close to your body

6) Do not be lower or higher then the screen

5) Do not keep your work area messy

4) Do not have open drinks by computers/keyboards

3) Do not have an un-Rythmic typing pattern

2) Do not use any other keys for a resting place besides the homerow.

1) Do not give up