In Pursuit of Knowledge

June 2016, Final Edition

Farewell to Our Fourth Graders

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I have certainly enjoyed working with this outgoing group of students! Their eagerness and enthusiasm is top-notch and I pray that this desire and love of learning continues throughout the years.

I must mention our participation in the WordMasters Challenge, a national vocabulary and critical thinking competition. We had five students receive "Honorable Mention" for finishing among the top 10% of all competitors at our grade level and two students receive "High Honors" for finishing among the top 2%. Special recognition also goes to Ohana Miura for achieving the high score for our class!

Congratulations to the following students on your AWESOME accomplishment:


Henry Harris
Ohana Miura


Freddy Cycholl
Caroline Jones
Jay MacLaren
Olivia Martinez

Parents, it is my hope our participation in this competition allowed your students to add many new words to their working vocabularies and make strides in their ability to think critically and analytically.

I will miss this working with this great group of students. Please keep me informed of their progress as I know great adventures are in the future for them all!

The Pursuit Continues...

Second &Third Grade

There's no doubt that we faced challenges in Pursuit this year as we transitioned to a 7-day schedule. With this being said, the students have all demonstrated progression in creative and critical thinking as well as research and presentation skills. I've also been impressed with their growth in group/peer cooperation and self- evaluation.

I'm pleased to report that planning is already underway for next school year! I'm working to reshape the Pursuit program to better meet the needs of your students with our new schedule. Be on the look-out for information coming home in August!

I hope that everyone has a great summer and I'll be looking forward to meeting again in September!

Fourth Grade Cardboard Challenge

Pursuit Green Market

We had another successful year with the Pursuit Green Market! Parents, thank you for your awesome contributions. This event would not be possible without your support! The funds raised will be used to enhance the Pursuit program and serve as the 'seed' money for a special field trip next school year. It was also the desire of the students to donate a portion of the proceeds to an environmental group in our community. After a lengthy discussion with the third graders, it was decided that we will make a donation to the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center and adopt a sea turtle.

Home Thinks

As an avid reader of the Internet, I often come across articles and/or websites that I find interesting, inspiring, or intriguing. Unfortunately, there is never enough time in Pursuit class for me to share all of the interesting stuff I find! Below you will find links that I have found to be thought-provoking and, for one reason or another, have not been able to use in Pursuit class. Please know that these will be intended for PARENTS to use as resources. In other words, not all will be intended for direct use by children. Please let me know what you THINK...

20 Super Cool Summer STEM Activities

The inspiration behind our Cardboard Challenge

After viewing this amazing magnets and marbles video, Olivia decided to try it herself. Check out her segment below!

Although this is not my plug for sleep-away camps, I do think this article provides an interesting perspective on creativity in today's world.