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Information about the guidance program at MES

January 25-29

Monday - Hellums, Johnson, Steed

Tuesday - Yancey, Callaway

Wednesday - Hartselle, Mobley, Marsh, Skipper

Thursday -- ACT Aspire Workday at CO

Friday -- ACT Aspire Workday at CO

*I will try as hard as I can to get my Thursday and Friday classes rescheduled. It may take me a few weeks since it is seven classes, but I promise to try to get you guys in when I can. Your classes really are very important to me. This is my first time with the ACT Aspire, and I want to make sure I focus on this when I can. I will email you with times for rescheduling your class. If I don't get to you this week, I promise to get to you throughout the next week.

Info for Class - January 25-29

We will hit on the importance of kindness but tie it in the this month's character trait, tolerance. We will talk about the importance of diversity and accepting differences. Differences are what make the world a more interesting place.

You Rock at Kindness

I am trying a new thing at MES. Other schools have kindness programs, so we're going to have our own way of encouraging kindness. We will implement the "You ROCK at Kindness." Simple, but fun.

My lesson this week and next week will focus on the rock. We will use water to see how a rock has a ripple effect. Kindness impacts everyone around us. Each teacher will get to keep the rock I use in class. It's just an ordinary rock. Nothing special. It has YOU painted on it. Get it... You Rock. I remember when I had edmodo my students always tried to win the You Rock badge. They got it by doing something awesome in class. Since we don't have a digital way to give out rocks, we'll use real rocks.

When a teacher catches a student doing something kind, they get to have the rock at their desk for the rest of the day. It must be returned at the end of the day. Kids love recognition. Plus this is a great way to bring recognition to the kids who really need some.

Students cannot tell you they did something kind. I always remind the kids they can't ask for recognition for something they did. They must be caught doing something kind. They will also receive a rock sticker. The goal is to collect as many rocks as possible throughout the school year.

Student of the Month

Remember to nominate your student of the month! January was GENEROSITY!

February will focus on tolerance. Tolerance is getting along with those who are different. A tolerant person is open and respects differences that exist among people. He/she realizes there is more than one way to do a task. They are sensitive to the feelings of others and no not participate in ethnic jokes. A tolerant person is willing to learn about the culture of others and keeps his/her own values. Please us this character trait in any Black History Month lessons you do!

Here are the remaining Character Traits:

January - Generous

February - Tolerance

March - Fair

April - Honest

May - Cooperative

Cook's Counseling Crew

Cook's Counseling Crew will meet this Thursday at 7:45 in Mrs. Reed's room.

Referral Sheet

Remember if you have a student you are concerned with, you can fill out the referral sheet. It notifies me when you send it that I have a student I need to meet with, and it's documentation.

As always, if it's an emergency email is usually the best way to get in touch with me because I ALMOST always have my phone on me. You can always text me as well (256-542-8798).

Staff Spotlight: Natalie Smoak

If you guys didn't know it, you have an amazing Instructional Partner. Seriously... I have worked with many many many instructional coaches. They have all been great.. Allison Miller, Kelly Nichols, Missy Coman, Carmen Buchanan. No complaints from me.. But Natalie is one to be appreciated. I can come to her with any problem, and she can answer it without making me feel.. for lack of better words.. dumb. ... Yes.. I feel that at times. I am secondary. You elementary people have so many words, strategies, and terms I have never heard of.

I have sat with her during data meetings and PST meetings. One thing I love about her is her ability to explain things. Especially those weird acronyms. She is very quick to explain in a way I understand. That may not seem like much, but it is. Natalie doesn't make me feel inadequate or small. She is very understanding to my secondary background and keeps me up to speed the best she can. I love watching her in PST meetings. She is very knowledgeable in how to better serve our students. One thing I have learned in this system is take advantage of a good IP.... she is one to take advantage of.

Personality Quiz for the Next Collaboration Day

Here is a great website to determine what your personality type is. It takes about 10-12 minutes to complete. Take the quiz and write down your results to share at our next Collaboration Day. Do NOT share them with anyone. I'm curious about what type of personalities are in the building. We will do an activity with the results. We did something similar to that DMS, and it was interesting to see what personalities your colleagues were and what their assets were. It was SPOT on with me.

A Glimpse of January 25-29