Edmond Doyle News 2-16-2017

We have had a busy week! Caring Hands came and gave us a dental program and everyone got a new toothbrush! Miss McAlester came on Valentine's Day and talked to us about being kind. She gave everyone a bracelet to help them remember that being kind is always a great idea. She promised she would come back and show us how she can twirl a baton!

Indian Education will be here Friday to teach us some cool things about Native American culture. 1st grade will see them at 9:00, 2nd grade at 10:00, 3rd grade at 1:00, and 4th grade at 2:00. We are looking forward to their visit!

Yearbooks are on sale now. They will be $21 until March 10th-after this date they will cost $25. Yearbooks are a great way to remember a fun year at Edmond Doyle!

Please do not block the faculty entrance or exit in the parking lot at anytime. We have traveling teachers that need to get in and out all day long. Thanks for helping us!

We are busy working hard to be prepared for our state test. Thanks for helping us in every way you can. We appreciate how you make sure your children are ready to be their best every day! We love how you have them getting plenty of good rest, good food, and then to school on time daily. When you have them read, finish homework, check over their homework, and practice math facts you are setting them on a road to success. Everyone needs to be a good reader and a good mathematician to be able to tackle jobs they will want in their future.

Our Parent/Teacher conferences are almost over. We need to talk to every parent! Our 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade have 100%. We are still needing to talk to about 11 4th grade student's parents. If you haven't spoken to your child's teachers-please call the school and make an appointment. It speaks volumes to your child when you take time to talk to their teachers-this tells your child that you value their education and want them to do well. It tells your child's teacher that you respect and appreciate the hard work they put into your child daily. The teachers at Edmond Doyle are not perfect, but they are truly a collection of the best teachers around. They care about your child and want what is best for them. They have high expectations, yet they are willing to do whatever it takes to help your child learn and succeed. Thanks to everyone that has met with them-thanks in advance to everyone that is going to do this soon! Always keep in touch with your child's teachers-when you do this-great things happen!