Internet piracy


22 percent of all global internet bandwidth is used for online piracy. According the record internet piracy is the unlawful reproduction of any copy software and delivery it to other people. Internet piracy can be done with so many files like for example music, videos, movies, software and any material. Those who are in this type of piracy can often conduct their whole operation at the internet, based on advertising and sales. The statistic can show it has become a global crime problem, because any one can do it easily even over long distances.

Changing public expectations, advances in digital technology and the growing reach of the Internet led to such widespread violation and some industries depend the royalties now focus less on individuals pursuing seeking and share the content by copyright online, and more in expansion of copyright the law recognize and penalize the offenders.


Based on the internet 95 % of the music downloaded online is absolutely unlawful. In 2010, over 59 billion of software was illegally downloaded from the internet and 71,060 jobs are lost annually because of the online piracy in the world and it causes the loss of jobs and creates a big dent in our economy.

According the record every year the government claims that they will take online piracy very serious and it will be “cracking down” on it. Those who make this such a crime they are taking from everyone’s paycheque

In addition to cutting off internet access, industry rights holders also wanted the warnings to mention potential penalties facing pirates as well as giving the industry access to a database of known file-sharers.

According the record in addition to the letters the government promised that would contribute with £3.5 million to promote legal ways to download any software. Based on the information I get in a particular way the punishment about the internet piracy they will drop in next year although loads of people commit. Under a new scheme, people caught unlawfully file-sharing video games, music and movies will be educated rather than punished and the law it changes in every country. In UK the government has decriminalized the online piracy and those who download illegal files they will not be punished, as the UK has figured out and their actions against the pirates were not working anyway.

Instead of punishing people who does it unlawful, the government, joint by UK’S biggest providers including (BT, TAKLTAKL, VIRGIN AND SKY) in fact that means they will try to convince people to download legal content informing them about the sources where legal can be purchased.

Beginning in 2015, internet users who persistently file-share will be sent a series of warning letters explaining that their actions are illegal.

The aim of the letters is to increase the consumer awareness of array of legitimate online media and arrest people from using file-sharing software

Originally, the government wanted to impose stricter regulations on internet users. Under the planned Digital Economy Act, which was rushed through parliament in 2010, ISPs would have been forced to monitor file-sharing activity and contact authorities if a user was found to be breaching copyright laws.

Why the piracy exists?

Why piracy does exist? Well, some are doing it simply because they don't want to pay ...for one reason or another. That, of course, is just simple theft. If you take someone else's product, without paying the price the owner has defined, and loads of people they still making profit with that files so basically they can sell that product and maybe get rich with it that means they are taking money from the owner and to be honest that’s a very serious crime that we shouldn’t be able to do it.

“In my point of view I think it is really bad because u cannot do that but some people they don’t want to pay for it and that’s not the right decision, they’re taking the profit from the companies, people’s jobs and if we keep doing piracy after a few years no one is winning profit”

“In my point of view it’s really bad but some people don’t have the same resources as the other ones but that’s not the reason. Internet piracy cannot be done against poor people only against rich and maybe they did the same to be where they are”.

Why we need a law against online piracy?

The growing number of foreign websites that offer counterfeit or stolen goods continues to threaten American technology, products and jobs. Illegal counterfeiting and piracy costs the U.S. economy $100 billion and thousands of jobs every year. Congress cannot stand by and do nothing while some of America's most profitable and productive industries are under attack. The Stop Online Piracy Act protects consumers and innovators by targeting foreign websites that traffic in stolen or counterfeit products, everything from movies to medicine to baby food.

A great deal of misinformation about the bill has been spread around the Internet. This information does a disservice to consumers, and it is being disseminated by those who have profited from working with illegal websites that steal and sell America's intellectual property.

“In my point of view yes they should be punished, I agree with that because they are taking money from the economy and from the owners as well should be punished severely, stilling ideas from another’s its completely wrong”.


The government has proposed many solutions. A few years ago the government started acts to stop online piracy. Those acts include CISPA (Cyber intelligence sharing and protection act), SOPA (Stop online piracy act), PIPA(Protect IP act) and many more. None of these acts have currently passed and they tried another way to stop the piracy, according the USA statistic, is that cable providers such as Verizon time warner cable AT&T, etc. Have slowed down the wireless of people who visit piracy websites. One string of hope is that on January 19, 2012 the file sharing site Mega Upload was shut down by the United States Department of Justice. This gives us hope because it shows that the government is monitoring online piracy and can shut down websites if they have to.


The conclusion of this assignment showed me this is the one of the biggest crimes in recent years. We shouldn’t do it because it will affect hard the world economy. We need to stop with it because we think we are saving money but actually we are stealing money from the companies and many people lost their jobs because of the internet piracy. So to save the economy and people’s job and companies as well before you press the button download think about those people who will be unemployed, about those people who invest their all money in that business.