McIntosh Manor Update

December Edition

Vacating An Apartment Properly

This month I wanted to inform you all of our policy for putting an apartment on hold. Many people leave over the holiday season and what is the sense in paying a months rent while you are not here? It is possible to leave for a month and not have to pay rent while you are gone. You simply fill out a Notice to Vacate form 30+ days in advance and mark the check box that says "hold apartment". This means we will keep that apartment ready for you when you come back. This function is not only here for the holiday season, but is available any time. The hold is limited to three months time, and you must have all of your things out of the apartment during the time that you are gone. Here is a link to the NTV form

Do You Have a Roommate?

ISU Housing keeps careful track of who lives where. However, if you have a roommate move in with you, we don't have anyway of knowing unless you tell us. If you have a roommate or are planning on getting one, please contact me and let me know so that if I receive mail for them I don't send it back.

John Gilmer

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns.