Types of Contamination

 There is land, air, water, and food contamination.There are three types of food contamination. One is food-to-food, an example would be if the food is left somewhere where oils and such from other foods contaminates it. The second is equipment/utensile-to-food, an example of that could be if someone used a knife to cut raw meat, and then prepared something fresh with the same, unwashed knife. The third is people-to-food. Like if someone had dirty hands and touched your food.
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Other Types of Contamination

There are many different aspects of contamination. Like water can get contaminated with things such as oil, as we saw in the BP oil spill. Some chemicals are natural but lethal in high doses like arsenic in rice.  Here are some examples of different types of contamination:-Pesticides: They can seap into the food that is sprayed with it.-Cleaning Chemicals: When you dump dirty, soapy water out in the sink or the yard, it will eventually soak into the ground and the chemicals will harm the vegitation.-Transportation: When they transport food, chemicals from that vehicle may seap into the food its carrying. -Storage: When the food is sitting in storage, chemicals can slowly creep into the fruit or vegitable, contaminating it.