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Edited By Alivia Auer

Is the de Lôme Letter and the explosion of the USS Maine a way for Americans to be angry at Spain?

By Walter Water

In the New York Journal there was a letter published but it was meant to go to Washington but some it was stole out of the mail sent to the Journal then was publicized.The letter was the de Lôme letter. In the letter it said that President Kindly was weak and catering to the rabble and a low politician. With this being said it makes many people angry at Spain because they insulted the leader of their country. Not long after the de Lôme incident there was a sinking of a battleship USS Maine. The USS Maine sunk in the Havana Harbor with the ship gone it rouse the public support for the war with Spain. The Maine sailed to Cuba after a riot broke out in the streets. So McKinley sent the Maine to Cuba to protect American interest. The ship was there for two weeks then an explosion rocked the ships. More than 260 sailors died. Others newspaper began to blame Spain, but it does make sense why to blame Spain. Don't you find it weird after the de Lôme letter was stolen then the explosion happened? As you can see this is why more people want to have a War with Spain.

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Mrs. El's Column

As we know Cuba 90 miles off the coast of Florida, they were having trouble receive their Independence from Spain. In the New York World and the New York Journal tried to help Cuba so they could have their independence from Spain. The US can relate to Cuba because we once need our independence for a county that was far away still trying to control us. Although the competitive newspaper did make seem like to US need to help Cube by making seem it was more brutal from what really was the truth. The newspapers did this because so they could get more popular and have more people buy them. I personally think if we wanted to keep being friends with Spain then we should do anything to make them seem like we are not on their side. Once again the New York World and the New York Journal made it seem we really need to help Cuba. Sure the Spanish commander General Valeriano Weyler put tens of thousands in reconcentration camps,but Cubans were using guerrilla warfare and surprise attacks against Spain. Then when President William McKinley was elected he wanted to be neutral, yet more of the public wanted to help Cuba. Overall, Cuba needs to fight for their freedom alone.

~Mrs. El

From the Eyes of A Spanish Soldier

By Unknown

So we began the fight in the Philippines there was a large Spanish colony still there. As we moved to Cuba the US set a Navy blockade Theodore Roosevelt help with the war he was a Rough Rider. Rough Rider are people who volunteer to fight in Cuba for the Spanish-American War. July 1st, General Shafter launched his assault on Santiago. The Rough Riders charged up Kettle Hill, while other U.S. forces fought the even tougher battle for San Juan Hill. Then after that the war went by really quickly . The American navy destroyed the Spanish squadron as it tried to leave Santiago harbor then Santiago surrendered. The US captured Puerto Rico. Spain agreed to a peace settlement .About 5,500 Americans died in the war most from illness that they were not used to.

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The Cartoon

By Zoë Hall

In this cartoon there is three pieces of land and on each piece of land there is a country name and it show what the cartoon s going to deal with. One is the US, Cuba and then the Philippines. On the Philippines there are two people taking down an American flag and they are Anti-Imperialist League. In Cuba there are flags because there are American Colonies in Cuba and none in the Philippians. In the US the people standing are introducing on the Platt Amendment and it provisions in the Cuban constitution, allowing the United States to intervene in Cuban affairs and to buy or lease land for naval bases.

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