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A family Newsletter: Week of August 27th

What a wonderful first week!

We had such an amazing first week of school! Kids were laughing and smiling as they were reunited with friends in their classes, the cafeteria, and playground. All of our students experienced the Baxter's Best Expectations Camp on Tuesday where they learned all the procedures and expectations for the cafeteria, the library, and all of our new collaboration spaces. It was so great to get to spend time with each of our students!

If you ever need anything, our door is always open (well it's locked, but we can buzz you in:)

Safety and Security

Over there summer there have been added security features to our beautiful campus! When you come to the campus, you will now see a door buzz in feature located at the front doors. At 7:45 the doors will lock for the day and you will need to be buzzed it. Please push the button and someone will be with you shortly.
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Parking Lot Procedures for Drop Off and Pick Up

In putting student and pedestrian safety first, we have parking lot entrance and exit signs for our main parking lot. We feel this is the best solution for all stakeholders in order to be able to keep the parking lot open and available for parents to park and drop-off. Remember that no student(s) should be dropped off and allowed to walk up without a parent/guardian. Parents/Guardians dropping students off via the parking lot are expected to park and walk students up the sidewalk.

We are asking that if your family chooses to use our parking lot in the mornings for drop-off or for visiting our campus during the day that you practice using the traffic routine referenced by the signs. The map below outlines the ONE-WAY traffic flow that all should follow.

  • There is an Entrance Only and Exit Only, which provides for one-way traffic around the parking lot. We ask that you please enter and exit accordingly. The map below visualizes the traffic flow.

  • From 7:20 a.m. – 7:45 a.m., it is posted RIGHT TURN ONLY for the exit. Please do not attempt to go left out of the parking lot during this specified time frame. If you need to return back into the Park Place Subdivision, you can easily access it by turning right out of the parking lot and then a right onto Mockingbird Lane. This will take you to Baltic Avenue, located behind the school and that will allow you to regain quick access to Park Place Subdivision.

  • The parking lot entrance off of Mockingbird Lane is for Service & Staff Entrance Only. As parents leave the parking lot, you may exit here, but please do not enter here.

  • If parking on the row by the curb, please do not use a reserved staff parking spot to do so.

  • Please do not utilize HANDICAP parking spaces at any time for drop-off unless you possess proper Handicap permit. We have parents and students that need access to these spaces.

  • At no point should a vehicle let children unload in the driving lanes.


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What Ring of Character do I belong to?!

Your kids will come home today talking about how excited they are for the Ring Color they are now a part of during their time here at Baxter! Each student participated in our Ring Ceremony today where their color was revealed to them and they learned the core values of each ring.

Each ring has its own philosophy and meaning shown in the graphic above. The rings work in synergy and with healthy competition. During the course of the school year, students earn points for their ring for citizenship, behavior, academics, and getting caught doing anything well. A running total is maintained and a weekly champion is announced. The ring totals will continue throughout the year until the winning ring is selected for the year.

We are very excited about this positive behavior reinforcement and look forward to the fun that is to come!! Your child received a t-shirt today in their ring color! We will encourage everyone to wear their ring shirt on FRIDAYS!!

Kindergarten will get to experience the fun next week! We didn't want to overwhelm them with more excitement than the week has already held for them!

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Parent Volunteers

We would love for all of our parents and families to get involved on our campus and with our students! Our goal this year is to have every family spend at least 12 hours in partnership with us throughout the year! Each week, I will be sending out campus and teacher requests for assistance in our newsletter with a sign-up sheet. It may be reading to students, monitoring the playground, helping out in the lunchroom, printing and cutting things for student use or any variety of things. We know every family has talents to share and we want you all to take part in the amazing culture of Baxter Elementary alongside us!

Each week you will see links to sign up sheets for particular activities!


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Notes from Nurse Martin

I am looking forward to another awesome year here at Baxter. My name is Jessica Martin and I am the school nurse.
My goal is to promote a safe and healthy environment in which our students will be encouraged to become life-long learners, self-managers and self-advocates for health and education.

If your child will need medication anytime during the school year it is required that medication forms are completed.

It is preferred that medication is not sent to school with your child, but is brought to the clinic by an adult.
If medication is sent, the medication form must be with the medication. This includes all over the counter medications such as cough drops, anti-itch cream for rash/bug bites etc...

Students with food allergies must also complete the Allergy/Special Meal Request form. This form is required for the cafeteria.

If your child has asthma and they are unable to participate in outdoor activities on Orange Ozone Action Days, please contact me as soon as possible.

If your child has any medical need or concerns you may reach me during school hours at 972-775-8281. You may also e-mail me anytime at

All medication forms can be found on our website: or in my office.

Destination Imagination

Have you heard? There is an amazing program offered by Midlothian ISD called Destination Imagination. If you’re interested in signing your student up to be on a Rising Stars (K-2) non-competitive team or a competitive team (3-12), please fill out the Google form through the link at the bottom. For more information, check out their YouTube site.

Please keep in mind that in order for us to have teams, there must be at least 1 team manager volunteer for each team and an appraiser for the tournament. Please consider volunteering! Below is the link/QR code to the Google form that we would like you to fill out if you and/or your student is interested in this program. Remember, you must type in the link exactly as it appears. The deadline for filling out this form is September 8, 2016.

We will be having a parent informational meeting at Baxter Elementary cafeteria on September 4, 2018, at 6:00 p.m.

If you have any questions, please contact the MISD District Coordinators: or for more information.

Parent Academies

This year, we will be hosting Parent Academies once a month! We are excited about this opportunity for parents and staff to work together to help ensure that each of our students receives an education that empowers them each and every day!

Please mark you calendar for the following fall dates:

Monday, September 24th at 6:30pm:

  • Welcome to Baxter! Who are we and what do we stand for?
    • We will discuss the key tenets that Baxter is known for

    • Invite parents to serve on one of the tenet sub-committees to help provide input

    • Tour the campus and all of the new collaborative spaces with

Monday, October 29th at 6:30pm:

  • Students and Schools in a Digital World

Monday, November 26th at 6:30pm:

  • Restorative Practices with Region 10

2018-2019 School Calendar

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Upcoming Events at Baxter

Thursday, August 30th: Parent Night and PTO meeting

Monday, September 3rd: NO SCHOOL

Thursday, September 6th: Grandparent's Lunch

Friday, September 7th: Grandparent's Lunch

Monday, September 10th: NED Character Show; PTO Spirit Night

Monday, September 17th: Student Holiday; NO SCHOOL; MHS Homecoming Parade

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