3rd Grade


Hello Parents!

Welcome to the 3rd grade newsletter! We will send this out every other week. We will include, important upcoming dates, any 3rd grade news, upcoming objectives for each subject, any celebrations, birthdays, and fun pictures!

Important Dates

9/19 Math study guide comes home

9/26 Math Study guide due

9/27 Math Test

9/20 Third grade Vision and Hearing Screening

3rd Grade News


Progress report cards went out this week. If you were surprised or had no idea how your student was performing...remember you can always check on their grades on Parent Portal! Also, we send home graded work at least once a week. Several students have been trying to throw their work in the trash on the way out of the door. If you would help us out and be looking for graded work it shows the student that we are on the same page! Please let us know if you have any questions about a grade your child received.

We know grades are new to some of you and especially new to your students so no question is a silly one!!


We will have our 1st Math Assessment on September 27th. We will send home a study guide next week that will be due on the 26th. So, be on the lookout for that! This math test is sometimes a tough one because we cover so much in this first unit. Some of us have assigned some things on Google Classroom that you can be reviewing that week to study. You can also go on Brainpop, Flocabulary (students can login with google) and rewatch videos relevant to the test!

Because of this study guide we will not have Writing or Math homework the week of September 23rd. We would like your child to only focus on the math study guide. The study guide was made from the test so the questions will look VERY similar!

What are we learning?

Science: *Physical properties of matter: mass, magnetism, density, state of matter

*Force, motion, and energy are related


Adding and Subtracting 3-digit numbers with regrouping

Language Arts: *Poetry

-describing the structure and elements of various forms of poetry.

-explaining rhyme scheme, sound devices, and structural elements such as stanzas in a variety of poems.

Social Studies:

-Global citizens gather, analyze, and communicate information about how people, places, ideas, and events shape their world.

-Being a good citizen involves many responsibilities.

September Birthdays

Reed S.

Grayson L.

Nathan L.

Umi F.

Callie C.

Julia B.

Everett H.




Ms. Fiero

Supplies Needed

Hey Parents! We use lots of hand sanitizer in third grade and we would love any donations of unscented hand sanitizer you could send our way. Thanks!