The Temple of ZEUS


Find out Who made it and when it was made

The person who made the temple of Zeus is Libon and he was born in Elis and Zeus inspired him to make the temple and honor his favorite god.

The temple was made in 472 and 456 BCE

and is still historically famous and many people stil visit this temple even to this day

Figure out where the temple is and who was worshipped there.

"The temple of Zeus is located 1640 feet south-eat of the Acropolis , and about 700 m (2,300 feet) south of the center of Athens."

The Greek god who was worshipped was Zeus the god of lightning and one of the most powerful god of all time

Who worshipped Zeus the god of lightning

Find Out who worshipped Zeus

People that worship Zeus are and still today are called Orthodox Christians.

The reason that they worshipped him was because if they did not worship him he would throw lightning bolts at the village and burn everything and is they did worship the god of lightning he would give them good crops and nature and nothing would go wrong.

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What was Zeus actually called?

Zeus was a supreme God of the romans. He was called Jupiter of the Romans and received the name because people (such as Orthodox Christians) thought he had powers.