John Brown

By: Rachel Mori

Background Info.

  • John Brown is an abolitionist (against slavery)
  • Very religious
  • He was raised by his father "..with a rod in one hand and a bible in the other"
  • Brown liked to take action and couldn't stand it when people would say speeches, he wanted to do something. He wanted to make a difference.
  • Brown had twenty kids with two wives
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Hero to Others Near and Far- Perseverance

  • Brown was a bad business man and at some points in his life he could barley provide for his family. Still, he was able to persevere and not let anything get in his way and his family survived and he still gave land to fugitive slaves.
  • He would do anything to stop slavery
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Hero to Others Near and Far- Kindness

  • John Brown's daughter Ruth said "He sometimes seemed very stern and strict with me; yet his tenderness made me forget that he was stern."
  • Jon Sternglass said that "John Jr. was most like his father, bright and sensitive" Therefore Brown was bright and sensitive.
  • Also he was fighting for good cause so he has to have a heart to know that what he was doing was right.
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Hero to Others Near and Far- Stern

  • Brown acted quick with violence
  • Brown and some of his sons went to important pro slavery men's houses and killed them
  • Before they killed all those men he told everyone in his group too "strike terror into the hearts of pro slavery people" and "fight fire with fire"
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How Brown Impacted History

  • John Brown inspired many people to help put an end to slavery
  • Brown gave hope to slaves that their was someone out their fighting for their freedom
  • His good friend Fredrick Douglas said "I have never seen a white man fight that hard against slavery"
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