Why to go to Kyrgestan

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Bishkek is the largest city in Kyrgyzstan it is also it capitol. It has a lot of great architecture.
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Kyrgyzstans currency is the com this is one bill in Kyrgyzstan
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Over 75% of Kyrgyzstan is covered with awesome mountainous scenery
Beautiful country called Kyrgyzstan.
This is a video that shows a lot of Kyrgyzstan scenery.

Fast Facts

Here are some facts we got from National Geographic


Capital:Bishkek; 806,000

Area:199,900 square kilometers (77,182 square miles)

Language:Kyrgyz, Russian

Religion:Muslim, Russian Orthodox

Currency:Kyrgyzstani som

Life Expectancy:69

GDP per Capita:U.S. $2,900

Literacy Percent:97

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