Ocean and Climate: The odd couple

By: Samyuktha Gopinath

3 big ideas I learned:

These are the key points I have learned by reading the article.

  • The ocean waters are constantly on the move. These movements are caused by powerful wind driven currents. Earth's rotation and even more create the currents or the movement of the water.
  • The currents in the deep end of the water are not strong as the surface of the water. They all depend on the climate.
  • Temperature, precipitation and wind can affect the water movement.

2 big questions I still have:

  • The most curious question I have is that is the sun a part of the movement of the current?
  • How does the ocean carry heat from a tropic place? Does it do that from the sun?

1 way the information affects our lives:

1 way the information affects our daily lives is that when you go on a cruise you might feel the boat is moving freely with no one steering it. You might think what that is. You would know that the ocean currents are moving your boat along the cool, tranquil waters.

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