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Issue 8 | Q1 2020 |

What a Year

I don't know about you, but the first 3 months of 2020 have felt like 12.

I started the year very sick, and when I got better I got right to work. This quarter, I helped welcome three new buyers home, and have more on the hunt. Ramona & Clark began the year in a flurry of activity and Michael was biking to work each morning, more than ready for the last chill of winter to fade into crisp spring mornings.

Then everything stopped.

Like you, we're homebound and practicing social distancing. We're learning how to live (and work!) together 24/7. Our days are longer and louder than we're used to, but we are taking it one day at a time. I LOVE eating out, so opportunities to order take-out and support local restaurants have been bright spots for me.

I hope you are doing well amidst this public health crisis. If you're an extrovert struggling to remain centered, please reach out and say hello. If you're an introvert and feel as though you've been preparing for this your whole life, be sure to reach out to someone and lend a listening ear. If you're a healthcare worker, thank you.

As a Realtor I'm in the business of connection - people to homes, buyers to sellers, service providers to clients. I'm finding creative ways to work and keep myself, my clients, my family, and strangers safe. For all the cooped-up-ness, I am enjoying connecting with people online and from afar to see how they are adapting.

We're always in this together. Now that we realize it, I hope we never forget it!

Welcome Home!

"I appreciated [Heather] communicating to me what I could expect and explaining everything that is involved in the home buying process. Heather is an overall incredible person and Realtor. I felt like [she] always had my back."

Quarantine Recommendations

New Things are OK (Day 2)

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What's Happening in Real Estate Right Now?

More than I can articulate in my humble newsletter. Even still, consider this an open invitation to chat.

It seems as though new developments keep rolling out to keep the Real Estate industry in motion. Appraisal and home-showing standards are changing to keep transactions viable as we practice social distancing. Interest rates have been fluctuating as the bond market and Federal Reserve adjust to economic uncertainty. Lending requirements are different. In Sacramento, demand continues to be met by a low inventory and homes are getting into contract rapidly.

I am thinking about how changes to daily life will disproportionately impact people, specifically access to housing, and whether or not buyers will need to write offers sight-unseen. My questions don't have answers yet, and maybe yours don't either. We can still connect and have a conversation - something that's always welcome on my end.

Public Health crisis or not, every real estate transaction is unique, complicated, and requires patience. That's why you need a Realtor, and why it is never too early in your journey to contact me. Zoom meeting, anyone?

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