Leprechaun Trap

By:Tailynn Lawyer

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  1. Small Building Blocks
  2. Needle taped to a car
  3. Small Table
  4. 2 Pulleys
  5. String
  6. Sticky Pad
  7. Shiny Gold Coin
  8. Incline Plane (Building Block)
  9. Two 4lbs. Balls
  10. 2lb Bucket
  11. Cage
  12. Moveable Shelf
  13. Balloon

How it Works

The trap is activated when the leprechaun takes the coin which is tied to a string with moves a shelf and drops the ball into a bucket and it begins. The ball hits a car with a needle taped to it and the needle pops the balloon which drops the cage on the leprechaun which is stuck on a sticky pad.

Simple Machines: How they make it easier

I have a pulley which helps it with keeping in steady till it one side gets to heavy. It helps drop the ball to hit the car which pops the balloon. IT also helps keep the string straight so the trap can be triggered. My incline plane helps move the car on slant so it doesn't get stuck and it is able to pop the balloon and drop the cage.