Step It Up 2.0

Are you ready to WALK and roll?

Now Walk it Out!

The wait is finally over! Beginning Monday, 10/5/15, the Step It Up 2.0 challenge will be in full swing! Below are the deets you'll need to know to work toward the goal of becoming the ULTIMATE Mod-Stepper!

*Note* Pedometers will be handed out to participants that ordered one on Thursday, 10/1/15. Please see Alma Osuna in LA and Allison Bieller in SF to pick yours up!

-This year, the challenge will be individually driven. All participants will be responsible for tracking their own steps each day, while working toward the overall weekly goal. The goals will increase slightly each week, so be sure to take note!

-Each weekly goal will be based on steps taken from Monday- Sunday

-The following Monday, a completion form will be sent to all participants via email. Those who have met the weekly goal will submit their name to then be entered into a weekly prize drawing (2 prizes per location)

-Each week your name is submitted, you will then be entered into the grand finale prize drawing for a chance to win a sleek new Fitbit! (One Fitbit per location)

Weekly Goal Amounts ...(drum roll please)

WEEK 1 (10/5-10/11)- 60,000 Steps

Week 2 (10/12-10/18)- 65,000 Steps

Week 3 (10/9-10/25)- 70,000 Steps

Week 4 (10/26-11/1) 75,000 Steps

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A little Friendly competition..

While this year's challenge is based on individual achievements, each participant is encouraged to form accountability teams with their friends and co-workers!

Are you worried the goal amounts may be too much to keep up with? Have no fear- help your co-worker to feel unstoppable by cheering them on to the finish line . Keep in touch with your friends from all offices by helping them to work toward each weekly goal.

Communication methods available (but not limited to):

~Emails containing cat and puppy Gifs

~Cheerful emoji filled texts (*insert thumbs up and trophies here*)

~Phone calls with volume on high, playing the Rocky theme song

~IN PERSON visits to high five your best bud

October is Wellness Month!

In addition to the Step it Up 2.0 challenge, all offices will be offering wellness activities to promote healthy mental, physical, and emotional lifestyle choices! Keep your eyes peeled for emails and calendar invites to the following activities:

Weekly wellness tips

On- site juice/smoothie bar

Fruit bowls or DIY yogurt parfaits

ModCloth employee recipe e-book

Lunch time mini yoga or relay race competitions

Chair Massages

On-site flu shot clinics