My Book Report

By : Glory Bowcaster

All About The Author

E.B Phillips has been known to write about history,cooking & gardens.She was born in Washington,D.C.In this specific book I found that she seemed to name every Impeccable detail.She had many qoutes & great facts.Offer all this is an amazing story that you'll hear about in the next slide.
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Abraham's Family

Abraham had a dad named : Thomas Lincoln a mother named Nancy & a sister named Sarah.they were all pilgrims who loathed slavery.

A Special Education

Abraham having no teachers naturally had to teach him self how to do geometry&law.He also had to learn how to read and write.As a result he became a wonderful attorney a grand orienter plus an amazing surveyor.

Abe's family Tragedy

In 1818 tragedy struck the family's cows grazed on a poisonous weed known as snake root.Nancy and Abe's grandparents fell into coma and died a victim of milk poisoning.As a result to that action the family fell into a deep depression.Soon his dad married a widowed women of two named Sarah Bush Johnson.

Abe's political career

Abraham didn't quite win president on the first try he had to try many times to become president .But his participation payed off because soon abe went on to become the 18th president of the united states.

in conclusion

In conclusion E.B seemed to capture many of the essents of his life. And his political career.So overall this is a great book.


  • In 1883 Abraham Lincoln created the very first thanksgiving
  • Abraham also married Mary Todd
  • Abraham Lincoln freed over 400 million slaves through the Emancipation Law

The End