Poetry Project

By Sabur Khan

I Wish or If I Were in Charge

I wish i had good grades

I wish i had a good computer

I wish i had a PS4

I wish i had a million dollars

I wish i had a million wishes

I wish i had no school

I wish i had Fifa 16 early release

Ballad: The Man

The man wanted to go to the bar.

All he wanted was a drink.

He parked his stolen car.

Instead the man got his drink shrieked.

He woke up in a cell.

Nothing to do in a cage.

He wanted to tell.

Although all he did was rage.

The man couldn't remember anything.

He regrets it all.

He had to remember something.

All he could do was bawl.

Free verse

It was a sunny day.

Warm as the sun rays.

I had no friends at all.

I cry every time for friends, it was a nice day.

A good day to find some friends.

I saw this one boy, his eyes sparkle as bright as stars.

I asked him " WILL YOU BE MY FRIEND?" in a loud tone.

The boy looked shocked, " Uhhhh, sure, whats your name?" the boy replied.

I was filled with excitement. I finally had a friend, " My name is Jeff." I told the boy.

" Awesome! wanna play some basketball?" The boy i asked me.

Walking up on the street i seemed extremely happy like Chuck Norris.

I finally had a friend, a one that appreciates me.

I skipped down the street happily down the street thinking about Chuck Norris.

I was once in a great despair.

No more depression, i finally had a place with a friend today.

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