Mrs. Miller's Monthly Memo

September 2015

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Classroom visits

I have visited all 14 classrooms to introduce myself and talk about the importance of making mistakes. I shared stories of how potato chips, chocolate chip cookies and slinkies all started as mistakes! The stories can be found in the book Mistakes That Worked by Charlotte Jones.
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Small groups, personal meetings, and in-class support

I have been working with teachers to assist children with the adjustment to Kindergarten. I will begin working with students in a more formal way starting in mid-October. Expect to get a quick note if your child has been referred by the teacher to work on specific skills. Always feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Parenting Resource

The Incredible Years helps families with children 5-12 who struggle with over-active and inattentive behaviors, have a hard time sitting still, have difficulty following directions or struggle to make and interact with friends. Contact Lauren Wenner Bricker, LCSW at 717-238-8118 x21807 or