Patriot Logo

Unite Franklin

School Logo / Mascot


I have spoken to at least 80% of you over the past two years about INCORPORATING this logo. If I have not, I apologize.

  • With this Logo, of the Patriot Head, we do not have to stop using all the awesome designs the sports have created. Ex: Football F, Baseball F, Basketball LF, Wrestling F, Track logo.
  • This would just be a Unifying design for the school.
  • Over the past two years it has been the logo of the athletic and school Facebook pages as well as twitter.
  • Many of us have already incorporated into our sports.
  • With this finalized as the school Logo / Mascot, we can now all move forward.
    Coach Rheault, Boys Basketball / "School Promotions"

Click Link Below to Vote: Deadline Tuesday May 7.