CBHT Religious School

Newsletter - 11/12/15

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Upcoming Events

  • Sunday, 11/15: Religious School from 9:30 to noon. Lauren will be out of the building as she'll be attending a weekend retreat with the B,nai Mitzvah Class along with Rabbi Meiri. Seth will be leading Kehila Tephila!
  • Sunday, 11/22: Billy Jonas' CD Release Concert to benefit Kids4Peace. Tickets are $36 and include a reception with food graciously provided by Avenue M, Gypsy Queen Cuisine, Rocky's Hot Chicken Shack, and the Universal Joint. Tickets can be purchased from the Temple office or at TheAltamont.com.
  • Wednesday, 11/25: No Mid-Week Hebrew. Happy (Almost) Thanksgiving!
  • Sunday, 11/29: No Religious School (Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!)
  • Friday, 12/4: Religious School Led Services sponsored by Kitah Hey at 6:30 p.m. If you got a chance to be at the November Religious School Led services this past Friday, you know how fun they can be!

Hebrew Word of the Week: דוֹר

The Hebrew Word of the Week was דוֹר (Dor/generation). The word דוֹר is spoken in our prayer service. We say: לדור ודור נגיד גדלך -- From generation to generation we will declare God's greatness. We come to religious school to pass along our beautiful and powerful tradition to the generations to come. We do it with faith, with hope, and with joy -- with the hope that our children will some day also make the decision to pass this tradition along to their children. And in this way, we create a chain of tradition לדור ודור -- l'dor va'dor -- from generation to generation. This is a mitzvah -- a commandment -- to teach our traditions to our children. And we are doing just that each and every Sunday. And what a joy that is!

And speaking of chains and mitzvot ...

Our mitzvah chain is a school tradition that we repeat one year to the next. When we bring it out each week at Kehilla Tephila, we sing "Mitzvah Goreret Mitzvah!" One good deed leads to another. This year, we will be using our mitzvah chain to help us with the mitzvah of completing our Religious School space and adding two more classrooms and a flexible multipurpose room that will contain four additional classroom spaces.

Last week and this upcoming Sunday, we'll be handing out pledge forms for your children to bring to grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, and friends to get them to pledge money for each link of the mitzvah chain. At the end of the year, the links will be counted, the pledges will be collected ... and the money will go towards completing our religious school! Which is also a gift that will be passed לדור ודור -- from one generation to the next!

If you'd like to go ahead and download and print that form now, you can find it by clicking here.

Highlights from Sunday, November 8

  • In Parparim we reviewed the Hebrew words for big and small. We hunted for small balls in the bean box and counted them in Hebrew. We identified the colors of the balls and drew them.
  • In Gan Yeladim we learned about different forms of tzedakah -- from money, to food, to pet food, to acts of kindness. We also talked about the symbols of Shabbat and practiced our Shabbat blessings.
  • In Kitah Aleph we made a tent game that helped us understand the 4 qualities that made Abraham and Sarah the best choices to be the first Jews: Welcoming others, sharing with others, including others, and following God. We even practiced writing some Hebrew letters!
  • In Kitah Bet, we continued our study of the Book of Exodus by learning about the Ten Plagues. We discussed why God gave Pharaoh so many chances.
  • In Kitah Gimel we learned about the Holiness Code in Leviticus and we used what we learned to create out own classroom rules that we signed with our decorated handprints.
  • In Kitah Dalet we had a current event discussion about a doctor who helped areas of India overcome their lack of water issues and how this relates to Israel.

    We also learned about Tel Aviv and the ‘Shell Lottery’ (how 60 families equally divided up the land). We role played the lottery and then everyone had the chance to color in their shells. They are now hanging on the wall and they really brighten up the room.We also had the chance to celebrate Leana’s 10th birthday with cupcakes which she had graciously brought in for the class!

  • In Kitah Hey all the students got the chance to stand on their own personal soapbox and preach their prophecy to everyone in the class. We also started brainstorming ideas for our skit about prophecy that we are going to present at the Religious School Shabbat service in December.

  • In Kitah Vav we built a living family tree of matriarchs and patriarchs out of costumes. We learned the prayer "Avot v'Imahot" and recognized the names of the matriarchs and patriarchs in it. We reviewed Hebrew letters by spelling their names.

  • In Kesher, we continued our Film Festival by watching the documentary "Praying with Lior" about a Jewish boy with Down Syndrome who is preparing for his bar mitzvah. Everyone loved the film and were so impressed and touched by Lior and his family. We talked about how many aspects of Jewish identity are woven into this rite of passage that many of us are about to embark upon.

Shabbat Shalom! Looking forward to seeing everyone for another day of joyful learning on Sunday, November 15th at 9:30!