Mesa Verde National Park

Saef Elawady, Mark Elawady, Joel Spencer


The Mesa Verde National Park is located in beautiful Montezuma County Colorado, United States. It sits about 383.2 mi from Denver, Colorado and enjoys humble isolation.



The Mesa Verde National Park was established June 29th, 1906 by Theodore Roosevelt whom proclaimed hopes of preserving the works of man. He likely wanted to manage the ancient city of Mesa Verde.

Preservation laws

The first protection laws enacted to preserve the land were the: Antiquities Act of 1906, Preservation of American Antiquities, Managing Archaeological collections: Antiquities Act, Antiquities Act 1906-2006.


Cliff Palace

Balcony House

Spruce Tree House

Long House

Petroglyph Point Hike

Chapin Mesa Archeological Museum

Ruins Road

Park Point

Step House

Spruce Canyon Trail

Soda Canyon Overlook Trail

Point Lookout Trail

Farming Terraces

Knife Edge Trail

Yucca House National Monument

Prater Ridge Trail

Square Tower House

Annual visitors

The Mesa Verde National Park has enjoyed an influx of visitors, good and bad. We understand that people don't like parks as much. It's fine. We just hope you preserve everything about your local environment. Our highest number of visitors in a year, 742,080, was in 1992. Our most recent approximation, in 2014, was around 501,563.

What do Roosevelt’s environmental policies reveal about the Progressive Era?

Roosevelt's environmental policies showed a distinct difference in a sense of pride for their land. For a president to be so adamant, and up in arms about environmentalism, is for a president to show their deep, long-term, unconditional love for America.