D.C. and Maryland Gets Inked!

Bad ass tattoo artist, Ry Chase, is coming your way!

You know you want to...

In the back of your mind, haven't you always wished for a tattoo? Whether it's something simple like a butterfly, a heart, or an "I love you" sign? Or whether it's something glamorous like a portrait of your child, animals in the jungle, or skulls in flame? Whatever it is, you know you want to... get inked by Ry Chase!

If you're in the D.C. or Maryland area, here's your chance!


Friday, Oct. 25th, 12am to Sunday, Oct. 27th, 12am

D.C. & Maryland

Please contact Ry Chase to set up an appointment and to discuss what type of tattoo you would like. Pictures printed out would be convenient, but Ry Chase is also able to freehand if necessary.

He will only be in town for three days, don't miss out!

Contact Info

Got questions or concerns? Give Ry a shout out at the contact info below. Thanks!