Nutrition is the apple of my eye!

Eating Healthy Makes You Happy(:

Eating Healthy Makes You Happy!

You have 4 parts of health that effect you in good and bad ways.

Social: Sitting down and eating with friends and family can be a really good social activity. But unhealthy choices can lead to obesity and preventing socializing skills.

Physical Well Being: Eating healthy and a good diet leads to more healthy movement! A bad diet leads to movement filled with stress and pain.

Emotional: Eating junk food can lead to depression and more diseases. Eating good food can lead to better reactions and thought process!

Behavior Problems: Eating unhealthy can create a higher percentage of negativity. Eating healthy can create a higher percentage of positiveness!(:

Healthy eating can be achieved on a budget by looking for smaller proportion depending on the price.

Cheese and Crackers:)

Cut up some sharp cheddar cheese and put some crackers on top!(: