Allegory of the Cave

What is the purpose of education?

Task One: Research Allegory of the Cave

Copy and past the following link and skim the article:

What are the key scenes of the narrative "allegory of the cave" = there are actually five different scenes.

What does Plato mean by "forms" and "shadows"?

Task Two: Allegory of the Cave (Part 2)

Copy and paste the following link:

Read the introduction which includes some history/context around Plato and then proceed to the following excerpt dialogue (about the allegory of the cave):

What is Plato's argument about the purpose of educaiton?

What is a philosopher King?

Task Three: Argumentive Writing

Within the discussion thread, please posit what you think Plato argument is for the purpose of education? Please include 2 citations to support your claim.

Task Four: Position

After completing the readings (listed above) compare your idea about what the purpose of education is with Plato's position. Please respond via the discussion thread and include a video clip (or link) to support your position.