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REDEFINE - our revolutionary anti-aging regimen. It minimizes pores, tightens skin and diminishes wrinkles. When used with our Amp MD, results are dramatically enhanced.

REDEFINE 4 Step Regimen-60 day Supply

REDEFINE - our revolutionary anti-aging regimen. It minimizes pores, tightens skin and diminishes wrinkles. When used with our Amp MD and MACRO exfoliator, results are dramatically enhanced.

1. WASH – an exfoliating cleanser that can be used as a 2 min mask. It has clay that cleanses without drying, with round beads that exfoliate without cutting your skin.

2. TONER – great pore-minimizing toner that helps prepare the skin for the next step in your regimen, reducing pores and clarifying skin. Use with our Gauze Pads.

3. DAY CREAM w/ SPF - triple defense day cream w peptides is a lightweight SPF 30 with brightening optical diffusers to brighten skin instantly.

4. NIGHT CREAM - overnight restorative cream w/ peptides and hylaronic acid that binds water to skin. Also has time released vitamins A,C and E. I LOVE this cream!

Retail Price: $199

PC Price Only: $179

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AMP IT UP Special —This includes the full Redefine Regimen , AMP MD Roller and 60 Night Renewing Serums. The AMP MD has 200 medical-grade stainless steel needles that penetrate the skin’s service, sending a message to the brain that there’s an injury and stimulates collagen production! The needles also help the accompanying night serums penetrate the top layer of skin and work more effectively. Just 1 minute, each night very gently.

Retail Price : $331

PC Price Only: $ 297

AGE ASSAULT - this includes the full Redefine Regimen, Multi-Function Eye cream, Night renewing serum(60 capsules) and Lip Serum(60 capsules) with no tools.

Retail Price: $357

PC Price Only: $321

Adding the AMP MD Roller to your regimen can increase results by 58%!!

Great Add-On's

Multi-Function Eye Cream & Eye Cloths are both incredible. Packed with Peptides and optical brighteners to brighten and tighten the eyes. Keep in fridge if you suffer from puffy eyes. Eye cream is incredible and eye cloths are great for on the go - keep in purse or gym bag.

If you would like to order products from our REDEFINE Regimen please check out our Preferred Customer Program where you will get 10% off all orders and FREE FedEX shipping, which more than makes up for the one time enrollment fee of $19.95 for a lifetime membership. I can sign you up and manage your account for you or you can always push your order as many times as you need with NO PENALTY!! This is a great way to manage your orders online and get special treatment from the doctors and ME!! :)

Please let me know if you have any questions at all. With a 60-day, empty bottle, money back guarantee, there is zero risk to trying out these incredible products. ☺