Through an Earthworm

Muhtasim Ahsan - Period 4 - Guzman

Background Information

Earthworms are organisms that belong to the Annelida phylum. Their species name is Lumbricrus Terrestris. Earthworms are herbivores that eat mostly nutrients from the ground. They are hermaphrodites, which means they can reproduce sexually by themselves without the assistance of another earthworm. Most birds feed on earthworms. Earthworms are environmentally responsible for decomposing as well.
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Excretory System of an Earthworm

Digestion in an earthworm is simple in that food comes in one end, and goes out the other. Instead of kidneys however, they have niphridia that are found in pairs of segments each. After sucking in its food, the food goes from the pharynx to the esophagus, and then into the storage system, also known as the crop. Then it goes through the gizzard and intestine, and is excreted at the anus.

Extra Information

  • Earthworms have a lifespan of 80 days
  • Earthworm gestation period is about 2 weeks
  • Earthworms serve as good prey because they are filled with nutrients