Google Drive


What is it?

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronisation service by Google. It offers editing and sharing of your documents.

What can it do?

It enables: cloud editing; file sharing; and, collaborative sharing. Collaborative sharing is the ablity for multiple people to work on the same document. Not only does this allow you to conbine work easily, it also enables you to view who has contributed what to the document, and anything you dislike can be deleted. The most impressive feature is that you can create a group chat to converse whilst you're working!

Why should I get Google Drive?

It makes collaborating work so easy! Whether you're sharing homework, or plotting to take over the world, Google Drive will let you collaborate without leaving the confines of your home!

Tell me more!

It was released on April 24th 2012, by Google.

How can I get Google Drive?

Visit and create an account using your email address. Get going with up to 15GB for free!