Ty Chamberlain

Who am I?

The Basic Building Block

Ever since I was born, my family said I was destined (and conveniently drafted) to be an outdoorsmen. Before I was even three months old, I was stashed in the back of a backpack and carried to the many adventures that awaited my family's conquering. My true love of the outdoors, however, came when I was tied up and told to climb the face of a towering cliff. When I was introduced into rock-climbing, I began to crave the feat of hoisting myself into tiny cracks using only my fingertips, and the constant bruising that comes with a fall or brush against the rock or rope.

Because of my love of the adventures, I was hired to be a climbing instructor over the summer in April of 2014. Only days after the armies of highland were released from school for the summer, hopped into a van with several strangers, and we all prepared for the adventure that awaited us.

Smore is Creative

I feel like Smore can really capture creativity, in a way that other flyer-builders, such as Microsoft's, can't capture. I find it easy to use, and very productive.