Juan Ponce De Leon Dies

Famous explorer dies

Juan Ponce De Leon child hood

Famous explorer Juan De Leon Was born in spain. He was born probably around the 1460. He grew up in a poor family. He earned money delivering messages and packages. In the early 1490s he fought to drive the Muslims out of Spain.

Voyage to the new world

1493 Juan Ponce De Leon went with Christopher Columbus on 2 voyage to new world. He did not return to spain with him. He stayed in Hispaniola. Then he led the defeat of the Island of Native Americans. Spanish governor appointed him governor of a province on the new island.
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Puerto Rico

Juan Ponce De Leon was given permission to explore Puerto Rico. Then he claimed Puerto Rico for spain. He was appointed governor of Puerto Rico, He treated the Native Americans badly and forced them to dig for gold. Native Americans built a fort to protect Puerto Rico.


Juan Ponce De Leon was gave permission to explore Cuba. Caribbeans told him that on the island of Bimini he would find the fountain of youth that gave you eternal life and health. He sailed with 3 ships and 200 men. Instead of finding Bimini he reached the east of present day Florida. He claimed all of the land for spain and named it Pascua de Florida
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Ponce de Leon left Florida with his crew and sailed towards Cuba. Then once again he tried to find The Fountain of Youth but he did not find it. He sailed back to Puerto Rico then he went to spain. He was named Capital General by King Ferdinand II. He made other voyages to find gold and the Fountain of Youth. In 1521 he sailed he sailed to Florida to start a colony. THe new settlement was being attacked by Native Americans. Ponce de Leon got hit by one of the Native Americans arrows. He returned to Cuba and died soon after. He was buried in San Juan Puerto Rico.