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November 19, 2021

From the Principal's Desk

The first part of the 2021-2022 year has gone by quickly, and it has been both an exciting and challenging time. In many ways we have seen a return to a more “normal” school year with activities such as field trips, parades, and volunteers on campus, yet we continue to grapple with COVID19 restrictions and search to find the balance between caution and the impact these actions have on our students’ overall development.

As I reflect on the many things for which I am thankful this holiday season, I want to take this opportunity to share just a few of them with you. First and foremost, I am thankful for our students who come to school every day ready to learn – they give all of us a daily reminder of what is important and why we are here. I am thankful for the teachers, counselors, paraeducators, health aides, bus drivers, secretaries, lunchroom aides, and support staff, who really care about student achievement and have the best interests and well-being of our students at heart. I am also thankful for our volunteers who enthusiastically contribute so much to our school.

In these difficult and challenging times, I see dedicated and tireless individuals going above and beyond to make sure that great things happen in our school. They do make a difference and our children, and ultimately our community, benefit from those efforts.

Most importantly, I am thankful for the parents that have kept the faith in us. They continue to share their most valuable possession with us and work hard to be a partner in their children’s education and well-being. For this, I am ever so thankful.

I would like to wish all of you and your families a happy, healthy and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday! We look forward to seeing you during Parent Teacher conferences when we return after the break.

Upcoming Events

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Purposeful Partnering

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Counselor's Corner

Purposeful People

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Conversation Starters

  • Talk about why you were grateful for the teachers and mentors in your life then ask your children why they are grateful for theirs. Have they had a favorite teacher? If so, who? What makes that teacher a favorite? If they haven’t had a favorite yet, find out what makes a great teacher in their eyes.
  • Gratitude takes practice! What can we do as a family to work on expressing Gratitude more regularly to each other and those around us?
  • Discuss why you are grateful for your child. Be specific: who are they? How do they make you feel? Ask them what they are grateful for about your family, your home, your neighborhood, etc..

Please Help Us Keep Our School Open

We are seeing an increase in students being sent to school with coughs and runny noses. Although we recognize that this is a normal occurance this time of year, PLEASE keep your child home when they show these symptoms. It may seem mild, but coughs and colds make it very difficult for your child (and many of their classmates) to focus on the job of learning. A few days rest and plenty of fluids will ensure they are back to 100% and ready to learn.

Thank you for helping us keep everyone in our school in good health!

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Our Staff

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