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Missionaries takes over Hawaiian land


On January 17, 1893, the Hawaiian Kingdom was taken over by the government of the United States. President Harrison, Cleveland and Minister Stevens were part of the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

Historical Significance

The overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom was worked with Stevens, Cleveland and Harrison to get the queen to surrender her thrown in the Hawaiian government. From this project of the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom, I'd like for readers to know that President Harrison, Minister Stevens and President Cleveland worked together as the Committee of Safety to take over the Hawaiian government. The overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom is important in history because it took away Hawaiian land and government by the American Missionaries when they first settled here in the early 18th century.

Hawaii Legally & Lawfully A State of The Union

Hawaii isn't a state of the union by law and legally because the U.S. government tried to take over Queen Liliuokalani power as queen in the Hawaiian government. When they forced to take over the queen's power, it cause the U.S. government to make Hawaii a territory. The government forced the soldiers from Boston and the U.S. to forcibly go into 'Iolani Palace to ask the queen to surrender her place in the Hawaiian government.
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Lowering Hawaiian Flag From Iolani Palace

This picture represents the Hawaiian flag being lowered from 'Iolani Palace in 1898 to represent that Hawaii is finally part of the United States.
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Troops Attacking Queen Liliuokalani

This picture represents the United States & Boston troops surrounding 'Iolani Palace to threaten Queen Liliuokalani to surrender her place in thrown.


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