The Voyage of the Frog

by:Zach Mitchell

David was sailing in the Frog to go spread his uncle Owens ashes out of sight of the coast and the next morning David was caught in a horrible storm and the Frog had had tons of water in the cab and David was hurt and couldn't hardly move his left arm and the sail was ripped and he only had a few gallons of gas for the motor and little food and David couldn't help but panic and thinking he was going to die at age 14.
I related to David because he changes from when he goes sailing on injured to when he goes through the storm and dislocates his left shoulder and he also changes by getting more tumors on his back and becoming more ill.
a major theme unfolds when he is looking out acrossed the ocean and is looking at waves that look like like the tops have been chopped off and as he is trying to take the sails down so they don't get ripped the storm hits him and he get all the sails folded as he is trying to put the other sails away a big wave hits the frog and he hurts him self and ends up going to sleep because of pain and when he wakes up its all ready morning and when he looks around everything is torn up and the boat is a disaster.
i have not read a book similar to the voyage of the frog.

and there was no quote in my book.