Shot Put

Half Strength. Half Technique.

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Shot Put

Shot put, sport in athletics (track and field) in which a spherical weight is thrown, or put, from the shoulder for distance. It derives from the ancient sport of putting the stone. Men's shot put joined the Olympics in 1896 but women's shot put had to wait to join the Olympics until 1948. The men's shot weights 16 pounds and the women's shot weights 8.8 pounds. Most shots are made of solid iron or brass. On May 20, 1990 in Los Angeles Randy Barnes set the record for farthest men's shot put distance. His shot traveled 23.12 meters (75 feet 10.23 inches). On June 7, 1987 in Moscow, Russia Natalya Lisovskaya set the record for the farthest women's shot put. Her shot traveled 22.63 meters (75 feet 3 inches).

My Goal

My goal is to see how many years it will take until women performance in shot put is better than men.
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Scatter Plot

The green squares represent the men's performance. The blue Xs represent the women's performance.
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Linear Regression (Line Of Best Fit)

Above are trend lines or lines of best fit for the two sets of data. The red trend line is for the women. The blue trend line is the men.
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The Intersection

The intersection is when men's performance will out do women's performance in shot put. In 1978 with distance of 21.37 meters men's performance will be better than women's performance in the event shot put. In the future men's performance in shot put will increase while women's performance will ultimately decrease.

X - Coordinate (Axis)

The x - coordinate is the year when the distance was recorded.

Y - Coordinate (Axis)

The y - coordinate is the distance the shot was put.