Xavier's Third Grade Connection

May 11- May 15, 2020


Language Arts
  • Read What Is The Water Cycle? by Ellen Lawrence on Epic.
  • Write a summary of what you read, tell someone about what you read or record your summary on SeeSaw for me to listen to.
  • Read for 20 minutes.


  • Watch this video on Polygons.
  • Complete the SeeSaw assignment on sides and vertices in polygons.


  • Jesus directs us to not let our hearts be troubled. Our faith in Jesus can keep us filled with God’s peace. In this week’s Gospel, Jesus promises that he is preparing a place for each of us in heaven. We will get there through following Jesus, who is the way, the truth, and the life. As Jesus tells his Apostles, whoever has seen him has seen the Father.
  • Watch this video about the Gospel.


Language Arts
  • Read this passage about the water cycle and answer the questions at the end. If you don't have a printer, you can write your answers on another sheet of paper or tell someone at home your answers.
  • Read for 20 minutes.


  • Watch this video to see how you can describe the sides of polygons.
  • Complete this practice page.


This Sunday's Gospel passage occurs during the Last Supper as Jesus tells his apostles he is going to prepare a place for them. They do not understand because they do not yet know that Jesus is the way. Jesus tries to explain that he and the Father are one. Discuss these questions with your family:
  • For you, what does it mean to "follow the way?" How could you do it this week?
  • Jesus says whoever sees him has seen God the Father. Who is a sign of God for you? Are you a sign of God for others?
  • Jesus says we can do what he did. How will you make your world a better place this week?


Language Arts
  • Label the Water Cycle in SeeSaw. Bonus: Use the microphone to record yourself explaining how the Water Cycle works.
  • Watch this video about the Water Cycle. Warning: it's pretty catchy!
  • read for 20 minutes.


  • Watch this video about Quadrilaterals.
  • Practice what you have learned about Quadrilaterals here. You can check your answers here.


  • You will continue to learn from Father Jim! Click here to learn about the High Altar!


Language Arts
  • Create a poster or model of Water Cycle with things that you have at home. I'd love to see your creations! You can send pictures to SeeSaw or my email. Make sure you label the different parts.
  • Dance to this Water Cycle Song.
  • Read for 20 minutes.


  • Geometric Shape Scavenger Hunt- go outside for a walk or look in your house for the following shapes: triangle, rhombus, trapezoid, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, parallelogram, quadrilateral. Did some of the things you found have intersecting lines? Parallel lines? You can upload some of the things that you found to SeeSaw.
  • Practice your multiplication flash cards.


  • Watch this video and this video from Father Jim to learn about the shields in our Basilica.



  • Do a random act of kindness for someone in your family without being asked. Here are some ideas: make their bed, unload the dishwasher, clean up your toys, take the trash out, sweep your porch, write a kind note to them, etc. Challenge: Do something kind for each member of your family.



Xavier Virtual Spirit Week- Have fun!

Monday- Mismatch Day- wear a crazy and mismatched outfit.

Tuesday- Object Scavenger Hunt- find something inside or outside that starts with the first letter in your last name.

Wednesday- Team Day- Wear your favorite team shirt or jersey.

Thursday- Fun In The Sun- Take a picture of yourself doing something FUN outside.

Friday-What do you miss? Take a picture of yourself with a sign that says what you miss about school.

You can take a picture of yourself and email it to catholicschoolrocks@gmail.com.

Helpful Information


  • Mrs. Rahe's Class Code: vhb5049
  • Mrs. Wubbena's Class Code: zah2491

Keystone AEA - Have you read from Bookflix lately?

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  • password: kaea01