Falcon Flyer

Friday January 21st

We are Growing Leaders Here at Riverview

Checkout our Quarter 2 Winners for our Growth Mindset/Seven Habits/Kindness Awards

Mia Adams

Alex Kellerman

Emilia Comelie

Baylen Hall

Phoebe Krass

Gwen Broxterman

Jake O'Neill

Helene Chaponniere

Rusik Leuthold

Joakym Kouegua-Njapoum

Roman Pierson

Finn Schultz

Shae Keltner

Maliyah Law

Owen Cattau

Landon Foster

Scarlett Bidnick

Luke Alexander

Amira White

Rex Smith

Kendall Cain

Maddi Marshall

Arya Smith

Ian Solis

Caleb Lingor

Avery Dowell

Oliver Schultz

Kelvin Zou

Darby Schuttler

Reagan Bauer

Ethan Balliet

Hadley Ray

Reese Wissman

Colin Kutter

Enzo Carmitchel

Reece Adams

Olivia Ross

Tyler Cobin

Grace House

Alexander Vovk

Olivia FuQua

Emmett Deveney

Collier Johnson

Ella Mitchell

Arabella Baker

Eli Bennett

Halle Keltner

Annie Steen

Corbin Streed

Evan Mildren

Gwen Beaver

Elise Brigham

Watson Mattingly

Isaac Cornell

Maddi Tofflemire

Amelia Lamb

Banks Gracy

Meredith Kenkel

Ella Francis

Isla Brown

Jillian Podany

Ava Hartman

Keaton Foster

Everett Odom

Noah Gardner

Lane Witherspoon

Scarlett Lamb

Bianca Hartman

Sawyer Sweeney

Eli Fanning

Addilyn Palmatier

Avean O'Bannon

Connor Sunderman

Sophia Zhang

Eli Allibone

Zella Cain

Amelia Starkey

Joshua Murphy

Anthony Marks

Campbell McCollum

Colton Adams

Miles Grandon

Cameron Baker

Bella Rigolizzo

Conlan Garvey

Lydia Moreno

Kasen Terada

Reghan Reynolds

Sylas Amis

Alea Cozad

Abigail Lee

Samuel Palomino

Nashton Lamb

Will Mildren

Liam Gardner

Abigail Krass

Hayden Pham

Emerson Nilges

Hailey Russell

Addison Short

Camryn Wissman

Noelle Franke

Mason Carmitchel

Addison Jones

Landon Wallace

Regan Jones

Peyton Abram

Cate Hansen

Reghan Kostus

Kanoa Gomes

Lucas Brower

Sadie Stokes

Madeline Ohlsen

Tenley Pretz

Schaefer Bidnick

Chloe Brigham

Noree Cook

Zoey Round

Blayne Barkemeyer

Caden Davied

Brooklyn Streed

Amelia Hembrey

Olivia Alexander

Kyndel Pretz

Kai Ziebell

Landon Creel

Roman Pierson

Marvin Hartmann

Collier Johnson

Ava Weis

Luca Harris

Banu Safarova

Easton Boyd

Maddi Marshall

Ella Francis

Joshua Murphy

Luca Harris

Tavia Barton

Collins Gracy

Gabe Vasquez

Avery Herrmann

Mason Wagner

Cameron Baker

KaLeah Hammons

Kaimana Gomes

Reese Wissman

Elise Brigham

Sawyer Hartwig

Camille Hannon

Reshma Biswa

First Grade Performance Date Change

Hello First Grade Families! We have another update to our music program- we are moving "S is for Sunflower" to March 8th at 6pm and March 9th during the school day. Please Contact Ms. Kellogg with any questions!


Upcoming Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences will take place February 16th-17th, 2022. Currently, we are allowing parent choice of in-person or virtual (Zoom) meetings. District recommendations may change closer to conference dates and will be communicated in advance.

In an effort to keep everyone as healthy as possible, families are encouraged to participate in virtual conferences, via Zoom. When applicable, teachers will send needed documents home prior to conferences, for review and discussion during the conferences. If you prefer an in-person conference, please select or note such on the sign-up. In-person conferences require masks and social distancing. Additionally, should you feel ill within the five days immediately prior to the conference, please contact Lisa O'Donnell in the Riverview office to indicate your preference for a virtual meeting. Lisa may be reached at LODonnell@usd232.org

If you have questions, please reach out. We look forward to discussing your child’s progress with you.

Hot off the Presses.....Sign-up for you Yearbook NOW

Yearbooks are now on sale

Online Yearbook Sales Only!

Online Ordering Ends: Friday, March 11th, 2022

Softcover Color $17.00

To order your yearbook visit:


And enter code 64699M

USD 232 Preschool Enrollment for the 2022-2023 School Year!

USD 232 offers high quality preschool programs for children, ages 3 to 5, that are not yet kindergarten eligible. All programs are half-day, have low student to adult ratios and use research-based curriculums tied to the Kansas Early Learning Standards. Preschool programs are located in the NEW Cedar Trails Exploration Center at the corner of Mize Blvd & 83rd St., next to Mill Creek Middle School. Grant funded (FREE) preschool spots are available for students who qualify. Transportation (busing) will also be available for grant funded spots and special education services.

Preschool Enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year begins on February 21, 2022. On that date, an online application will be available via the USD 232 Early Childhood website at https://www.usd232.org/Page/9209. Paper applications are also available within Cedar Trails Exploration Center (Lenexa, KS) and Starside Elementary (De Soto, KS) offices. All applications must be submitted to the Cedar Trails Office by March 4, 2022 at 4pm, to be considered in the first round of enrollment.

For more information, please visit https://www.usd232.org/Page/8960

Contact the Cedar Trails Office at 913-667-1820 with questions.

Navigating COVID at School

Good news!! We can now test symptomatic students who are onsite in our district buildings! Parental consent must be obtained in writing prior to testing. Tests go through MAWD laboratories and can take 24-72 hours for results to be received. Parents receive these results via email, your school nurses DO NOT receive results.

If your child needs to be excluded from school due to symptoms of COVID your options are:

1) Have your child tested for COVID with a PCR or Molecular test (Antigen tests are not accepted!!) We can do this at the school if they become symptomatic while at school (see above). Otherwise they will need to be tested outside of school.

2) Have a doctor diagnosis your child with something other than COVID and provide a doctor’s note (see below for what constitutes a properly written doctor’s note).

3) Opt your child out of school for 5-days, if you don’t want to test them for COVID or see a doctor.

Returning to school procedure: Riverview Nurses HAVE to review your child’s test results before they are allowed back in school!! We do not automatically receive the MAWD results. You need to give them to us.

· JOCO Schools only accept COVID PCR and Molecular tests.

o Please verify prior to your child being tested that it is only done with a PCR or Molecular test.

· All Test results sent to us MUST contain original lab results, the students name and date of birth, and test type (PCR or Molecular).

· We DO NOT accept a doctor’s note stating a COVID PCR or molecular test was negative.

o Only the original lab report is accepted per the JOCO Health department.

Return to School Date for Students Quarantined or with a Positive COVID test:

· The JOCO Health department and/or DeSoto District Health Department Liaison will tell you your child’s return to school date.

· Riverview Nurses can’t allow your child to return to school till that date has been communicated directly to us by the District Liaison or the JOCO Health department.

o Please consult with us prior to dropping your child off at school on their first eligible return date. If we haven’t confirmed with you their return to school date your student cannot attend class, if they arrive at school they will be pulled form class and sent home for the day.

Doctors Notes: How to obtain a properly written return to school note! This seems like an easy thing, but we call physician’s offices daily requesting a properly written note. We can’t let your child back into the building if the return to school note does not contain the proper information.

Properly written Doctor’s note (as accepted by JOCO Health department and District):

All doctor’s notes must have a diagnosis stated, be signed by the doctor, and have the student’s name and DOB.

· Ex: Susie Smith was seen in our office today for a sore throat and runny nose, and diagnosed with strep throat. Student may return to school when fever free and on antibiotics for 24-hrs.

An Improperly Written Doctors Note:

· Susie Smith was seen in our office today for a sore throat, may return to school when fever free.

o This will be rejected because there is no diagnosis.

· Student was seen in our office today for a sore throat, COVID PCR test was negative.

o This will be rejected because there is no diagnosis given.

o This will be rejected because a copy of the actual lab results were not provided.

DO NOT send your child to school unless Nurse Emily or Nurse Jodi have reviewed lab results and/or the doctor’s return to school note!!

o If we don’t have COVID PCR test results or a properly written doctor’s note in hand before your child comes to school, your child will be pulled from class and sent home until the proper documentation is received. This is a stressful situation for you and your child. We don’t like having to pull a healthy student from class.

COVID Symptoms: Students are sent home or excluded from school if they have one primary or two secondary symptoms of COVID.

Primary Symptoms

· New Cough

· Difficulty Breathing

· Loss of Taste/Smell

Secondary Symptoms

· Fatigue

· Congestion

· Fever or chills (staff & Jr/Sr. High students)

· Runny Nose

· Nausea

· Vomiting

· Diarrhea

· Fever or Chills

· Sore Throat

· Headache

· Muscle Ache or Body Aches

Looking for Something To Try

Looking for something new or a new adventure....USD 232 is looking for all possible substitute candidates. If you are interested in subbing for the district or just Riverview, please click on the following link below to find out more information OR to get signed up through Morgan Hunter our substitute company.


Missing Anything.... Lost and Found Overload (ALL Items left will be donated at the end of the month)

This week's top tips for cold weather success:

  • Putting your child's name on the tag of their sweatshirt or coat helps us get them reunited when those items get separated from your child's body. Check out the pics below of lost items currently residing in the school office.
  • If there is snow on the playground, we might just play in it. Gloves are a good idea!
  • Coats and hats and gloves are all available for your children if needed (not to borrow, but to keep) so please reach out if your family could use a boost!

Music Performance Changes


We are writing to share updated procedures surrounding our music performances. The goal is to begin the process of returning to as much normalcy as possible with respect to in-person attendance for families. These procedures will be revisited as necessary. As of January 3, 2021:

· There will be an evening performance of all remaining elementary grade level music programs and choir concerts scheduled during second semester.

· At this time, two (2) guests per performer will be permitted to attend indoor, evening performances. This procedure will be revisited in the coming weeks.

· Currently, all attendees and performers will be masked for indoor performances, as of January 3. If the public health order regarding masks changes, this protocol will be updated.

· Weather permitting, performances may be moved outdoors at the discretion of the music teacher and administrator. If performances are held outdoors, masks are optional with no limit on family attendance.

· At this time, performances held during the school day will continue with audience members being limited to staff and students.

· A recording and/or livestream of each performance will be provided to the performers’ families.

We appreciate your understanding as we take steps to allow for more in-person events for families.

Thank you,

USD 232 District Administration
USD 232 Elementary Music Teachers

Calling All New Kinders

Please help us spread the word to all next year Kinder families that we will be having our Kindergarten roundup night on March 10th at 6:30 here at Riverview. Items to bring that night would include your proof of residency, your child's birth certificate, immunizations, and child's physical from their doctor. More information to come, but please spread the word and mark the date on your calendar!

Messages From PTA

Parent Helpers Needed

The RE staff is stretched thin these days and could really use some extra help with the morning and afternoon car loops! Please consider signing up for a slot!


If you cannot help with the car loop, another great way to support the staff is to help them out with school supplies (items like new pencils, expo markers, construction paper, clorox wipes)! You can ask your teacher for their most-needed items or check out their Amazon Wish Lists.

Sweetheart Dance Date Change

Out of an abundance of caution, we have rescheduled the Sweetheart dance for Friday, March 4th from 6-8pm. Stay tuned for more details about this fun event!

Glory Days and Skate Night

Thank you for supporting our Skate Night and Glory Days Pizza fundraisers! We raised $124 from Skate City and $450 from Glory Days. We are so appreciative of these local businesses and their generosity!

Staff Appreciation

The PTA wanted to treat our wonderful staff to some tasty drinks and Sonic on Shawnee Mission Parkway was kind enough to donate all of these beverages!

Third Grade on Up Lacrosse Info.....

Big picture

CrossWalk Safety Reminder

Peanut FREE School.....Reminder

Just a friendly reminder that we are a peanut FREE school here at Riverview. With birthday celebrations and school parties, I thought I would attach our peanut free approved foods list. Please note that this is a working document and if you find another food or bakery location that meets the peanut free requirements, we would be happy to add that to our list to share out with other families!

Thank you again for helping keep all the kiddos here at RE safe and healthy!

Making a Difference Award

We are blessed to have such amazing staff members here at Riverview! They deserve to be recognized! Through the Great American Bank and our very own USD 232 Education Foundation they are providing you the opportunity to recognize staff members that you feel go above and beyond in their daily interactions with our students. All you need to do is click on the link below and fill out some general information of the deserving nominee. Thank you for helping our staff feel special!

Coming Up at RE:

February 14th- Valentines Party

February 16th- 1/2 Day of School-First Night of Parent Teacher conferences

February 17th- NO SCHOOL Parent Teacher Conferences

February 18 & 21- NO SCHOOL

Parent Important Dates Document

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Receive emergency information, school closings, early dismissals and administrative reminders on your mobile device. This text and email service is free, but check with your mobile provider as text messaging and data rates may apply.

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Community partner Country Club Bank is providing support to ensure this service is available in USD 232.

2021-2022 Lunch Schedule

10:48-11:15 1st Grade

11:15-11:42 2nd Grade

11:42-12:12 Kindergarten

12:12-12:39 3rd Grade

12:39-1:06 5th Grade

1:06-1:33 4th Grade

USD232 Electronic Flyers -- Includes Clubs at Riverview

Here you will find some summer camps and activities right here at Riverview as well as throughout the district.

Student and Family Handbook

The BOE-Approved USD 232 Student and Family Handbook can answer parent questions on a variety of topics.

Riverview Elementary

At Riverview Elementary all stakeholders are dedicated to empowering each student to achieve his or her full potential.