Mobile app version 2.6 is here!

Available now on iOS and android

hello everyone!

The mobile team is happy to announce that the version 2.6 of our Android ans iOS apps is here. On top on various bugfixes and performance improvements, this new version provides:

  • A brand new feature, the advanced search! We have added a bunch of new search criteria so members can get even more accurate results.
  • Ignore a contact request easily: you can now ignore a contact request directly from the contact request list.

Advanced search

You have now access to an awesome advanced search! You can search members by keyword, industry, position, company and more...By adding this awaited feature, we aim to increase the accuracy of search results as well as the app usage. As some of the search criteria will only be accessible to Premium members, this new Premium "added value" functionality should help us monetize even further.

Ignore a contact request from list

The ignore button is finally here! On request of our members we've added the ignore button so they can ignore a contact request directly from the contact request list, removing an extra step for the user.

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