Technology Rules For Parents

Chris K. 8M

Rule #1

Do not answer to calls or text that you're unsure of because in the end, you might be in an uncomfortable position.

Rule #2

Do not sure you're personal information such as your password, phone number or address to someone who you don't trust.

Rule #3

Never post pictures that you think would catch the public's attention such as, yourself or a picture that shows too much skin.

Rule #4

When you are driving, you should never have a technology in your hands or beside because it could cause you accidents that you would never thought of it happening.

Rule #5

When you are on any social network such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, posts something you think a person would be interested in or someone would appreciate or feel good about that post.

Rule #6

Anger sometimes take over you in life, but don't let it take you away that you post or tweet something that could offend someone or even yourself. Once it is posted, it stays their forever, even if you delete it.

Rule #7

Before tagging someone in a comment or picture, ask them for their permission because they might not want to be tagged.

Rule #8

When you see something inappropriate online, close it or hide it. Don't comment after it or like the post because people will think you are into those kind of thinking too.

Rule #9

When you are trying to sign up for an app that requires password, make it strong so that people won't hack into it. Include numbers, alphabets, and other signs you could think of!

Rule #10

Plagiarizing an article online and putting it into your own words is very wrong because what you're doing is, you copy and paste someone's own idea and change a couple of words.
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