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December 2014 Newsletter

Getting Ready for Winter Break...

There is only a few days until winter break. YAY!!! I hope you all have a great holiday with your families. Here are a few reminders about when we return from break.

  • Benchmark Testings for grades 2-5 start in Late January. (Schedule will be sent out by administration)
  • Grades 2-5 will need to meet with me about Thinkgate for a refresher on taking the benchmark.
  • Writing Assessment for grades 3-5 will begin in February. (Schedule will be sent out by administration)
  • STE-I will meet with each class to show the students what MIST will look like when they take it.
  • DYE-Ms. Martin will show each class in the lab what MIST will look like to prepare them for the writing assessment.
  • STE Email migration is tentatively set for January 15.
  • Work orders get emailed to or with the tag number, room number, and the problem. Please remember do not send the email directly to Mark or myself about a broken piece of equipment.

Homeroom App Preview

Why should you use Homeroom in your classroom?

It is EASY!!

Homeroom will allow you to easily share what is going on in your classroom with the parents. Guaranteed to increase your parent involvement! You simply download the app onto your IOS or Android device and set up a free account. You create an album, send the email with the invite to the parents, and start uploading pictures. The parents can view, like or comment on the pictures. They will love being able to see what their children are doing on a daily basis and it literally takes less than a minute to upload new pictures. This is also wonderful because it is private and unless they have the link you send they cannot view the pictures. Email me for the link to our school's homeroom album so you can join and see how it works.

Click here to read about how this teacher is using her students to be her classroom photographer.

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