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Obama's View on Abortion

Obama supports the Roe V. Wade trial because he feels that Women should be able to have a say on what they should do with their child. Also, that women should be able to have the privacy for doing things for themselves, and what they believe is right. But, he also mentions that if a person has another view on it, he will try and find a common ground so that the increasing rate of Abortions can stop, and slowly die down. Which leads into Adoption

See Obama's view on Adoption

Barak Obama supports Adoption which is a commonly debatable issue in the United States. Like Abortion Obama feels that this is a right for women to make their own choice on what to do for their child. He feels that adoption is a constitutional right, and that if a women isn't ready to be a mother and have an unexpected pregnancy it should be their choice and free will on what they want to do with their lives and their child.

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