Jennifer D. Martin

Professional Ceramist


Jennifer Martin is from Atlanta, Georgia but is the Vice President for The Clay Studio in Philadelphia. She received a BFA from Georgia Southern University in 1997 and then moved onto Georgia State University where she received her MFA in ceramics in 2000. She then joined the faculty of the School of Art and Design at Georgia State University in 2001 as an Adjunct Instructor through 2005 as a Visiting Instructor.


I believe that her work is very unique in a lot of different ways. She uses her creations to show the nature of the clay with her wheel thrown techniques and simple glazes. Her creations all have a different look to them making them all unique. Her mishaps and mistakes are turned into beautiful artwork that she knows how to complete to make them not only bring attention to her work but to show the viewers how clay can form.

Jennifer D. Martin's Work

Purpose and Elements of Art

Her purpose of her art is to show her viewers the natural simplicity of the clay that she works with. She uses form and texture throughout her work to bring out the natural elements of the clay. Her function is always thought out but she lets her creations form themselves within her hands.