Walkabouts Coming UP This Wednesday, Sept. 21st!

Here's What...So What? Now What?

Here's What...

We have two goals for this year based on our 20 Behaviors data!

  • In whole class questioning, the teacher intentionally decides who will answer.
  • Students receive feedback based on formative assessment.

What data did we use to determine these goals? These goals differ from school to school. These particular two apply to us at the FFC because of three pieces of data:

  • Data on Display from FLCN
  • Baseline Data from the FFC
  • Spring Data from 4th nine weeks last year.

Click here to see a chart of our data and a comparison of behaviors from categories 3 and 4 of our 20 behaviors.

So What?

In order to understand whether or not we have evidence of these behaviors, we need to understand what each goal entails. What does it mean to "intentionally decide who will answer?" What exactly does feedback look like after a formative assessment?

We also need to see these behaviors in action in order to understand how they contribute to an engaged classroom environment.

Now What?

On Wednesday, we will walkabout! I get so excited about these days because giving each other a chance to witness the good things and reflect on common practices are powerful things!

Meet in my room at the being of the period. We will incorporate equitable participation as we choose three classrooms to visit. Although we will use the common behavior walkthrough form, we will be focusing on our two goals of intentional questioning and formatively assessing.

We will then have the data in order to have some rich dialog based on what we see and how we will proceed as a faculty.

Click here for a formative assessment refresher from last year in DDPD. These slides are full of information discussing what formative assessment looks like, its purpose, and examples.
Survey for Caroline Jones

Many thanks to Caroline for being with us last week. Let's show our love by filling this survey out to help her in her research. She'll make a great administrator one day!