Wegener Supports Plate Tectonics

By: Charles McPhee (Grayson, Alexander, Davis and Lucy!)

Extra! Extra! Wegener Supports Plate Tectonics!

Alfred Wegener supports plate tectonics by giving 6 pieces of evidence proving his claim of continental drift. His research has shown that the continents actually WERE together as one big super-continent known as Pangaea. To back it up he said that the South America's east coast fits into Africa's west coast. He also noted that similar fossils, such as the plant Glossopteris are found on South America As well as through Africa and India. He says that continental drift split it apart.

More Info about Wegener's Theory

He found that the Appalachian Mountains as well as the eastern South American Mountains line up with Africa's west coast. Alfred also discovered that there is glacial evidence on the continents that were Pangaea. When the continents split apart the continents took the glaciers with them. The last 2 reasons are that Pangaea was surrounded by an ocean and that the continents split, there was ocean in between them. Finally, there are geological hazards that happen around plate boundaries, proving that the continents split apart millions of years ago.

By Charles McPhee

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